Spring although smelly nutrition is tall however,feed Durian _ cate the world

Spring although smelly nutrition is tall however,feed Durian

2017-02-07 17:31:19

Although we like melting, the food with sweet thick good mouthfeel, but, actually we also should eat some of flavour to blame strange food, because be in these strange flavour, have all sorts of nutrition component of need of place of our human body unluckily, and these component often are done not have in the food that we like to eat again. Must give everybody introduction today so, blame flavour alimental big gain.

“Smelly ” food

Durian odour is intense, say it ” bad smell smokes a day ” none exaggerative. But in Thailand, because its nutrition value is very high, often be used to regard as the cordial of body of take a tonic to build up health of patient, postpartum woman. Durian sex is hot, can invigorate the circulation of blood comes loose cold, alleviate dysmenorrhoea, it still can improve the female edible; that suits to suffer dysmenorrhoea to perplex particularly abdomen is cold cool symptom, can make temperature rise, it is cold sex constitution person ideal cordial. Durian although advantage is great, cannot eat however too much, bring about the body easily otherwise hot and dry, cannot be absorbed completely because of intestines and stomach and still can cause ” suffer from excessive internal heat ” .

“Quite sweet ” food

Some food although with ” sweet ” the word names, but flavour is very strange however, for instance caraway, Chinese toon. Boracic amount is contained in caraway a lot of, this kind of material can help the body absorb mineral, protection is skeletal, after suiting to enter 40 years old most in old people. The element such as iron, calcic, Potassium, zinc still is contained a lot ofin caraway, be helpful for maintaining blood sugar stability, can prevent cancer. And the volatile scent such as Chinese toon element is contained in Chinese toon a group of things with common features organic matter, but be good at lienal appetizing, increase appetite. It has clear hot interest the effect of detoxify of wet, diuresis, it is the fine medicine of infection of auxiliary cure enteritis, dysenteric, urology.

Acerbity flavour food

Unbaked persimmon, purple grape skin, these are the food with acerbity very heavy flavour. Acid of the Chan Ning in food, establish and oxalic acid bring their acerbity flavour. These material are puissant fight oxidation material, diabetic to precaution with tall blood fat beneficial. Not only such, same kind of fruit, the watch of breed nutrition price with acerbity hair is tall, for instance, it is good that acerb small apple compares big and sweet Fuji apple.

Healthy little knowledge:

The odd Ning Zaimei in acerbity flavour food contains a product medium application is very wide, main effect is convergence, prevent bask in, the United States is white, anti-creasing, fight oxidation. Say so, the hairdressing beautiful that acerbity flavour food is rare really to the woman is tasted.


The world of cate of nutrient value _ of all sorts of candy such as white sugar, brown sugar, saccharic, rock candy

The nutrient value of all sorts of candy such as white sugar, brown sugar, saccharic, rock candy

2016-11-30 15:32:47

Sucrose is the staple of photosynthesis, mix in beet, sugar cane the content in the fruit is extremely high. Sucrose is the plant store, main form that accumulate and carries candy fraction. The much in the life candy, if candy of rock candy, Bai Sha, soft white sugar is mixed,brown sugar is sucrose.

Bai Sha candy is the mainest breed in edible candy, sweet taste is most pure. Pass for raw material with sugar cane, beet extract juice, filter, condense the brilliant that boil, Tuo Mi except miscellaneous, clear, vacuum, wash candy, dry hind get.

Soft white sugar is with Bai Sha candy, raw sugar is raw material, crystallize afresh after the course is deliquescent and become. Soft of quality of a material of soft white sugar, exquisite, crystallization grain is petty. The gush in producing a course was entered 2.5% of the left and right sides change syrup, mouthfeel comparing is consequently saccharic want sweet.

The bare look that brown sugar takes juice refine via compressing for sugar cane and becomes is crystal body. Bases is sucrose, the nutrient composition such as the dextrose that contains certain amount additionally, fructose, gooey, microelement, vitamin. What the basis machines method and character is different, divide again for pink of brown granulated sugar, brown sugar, lump sugar, black candy (Japan) , Huang Sha candy (harbor another name for Guangdong Province) etc.

Rock candy is saccharic crystallization recycle is tasted. The rock candy that makes naturally has all sorts of color such as white, small yellow, weak ash and figure. Traditional rock candy (much brilliant rock candy) be Bai Sha candy puts right amount water to add thermosol to solve, undertake boiling candy, achieve basin of crystallization of the input after certain chroma, in crystallization indoor raise brilliant one week later, take out accuse mother liquor, take out arenaceous bottom is knocked broken dry hind, the bag that mix archives puts on a factory.

Cube sugar also weighs half cube sugar, it is to use fine grain purificatory and saccharic the product of half lumpish candy that squelchs for raw material.

Afore-mentioned all sorts of candy are digested inside alvine path after absorbing, all mix with dextrose fructose (1 ∶ 1) the form enters blood, arrive at hepatic first treatment first, reexport is blood sugar or adipose. Consequently, they have almost identical nutrition value.


Snail nutrition value analyses _ cate the world

Snail nutrition value is analysed

2012-02-07 14:36:09

Snail also calls buffalo, stand side by side with fim, dried scallop, abalone make 4 name food of world, also be one of 7 kinds of most popular game on current world. Snail is the good food of a kind of high protein, low adipose, low cholesterol. There already was long history in snail of the west, edible, be in our country, snail food already also moved the table of on a few restaurant, guesthouse.

≮ effect ≯

Snail contains all sorts of biology activator—Enzymatic, can help human body digest all sorts of stodgy food. Often disappear eats change the person with younger function of bowel of undesirable, stomach and the person edible snail that have dyspepsia, not only digest easily, still can change indigestion except sluggish. Snail flesh is mixed in France Africa is very popular, because it contains some cereal ammonia,have the function that enhances vigor of cell of human body head. The scientist believes, it is OK still to eat snail more produce nutrient hairdressing effect to human body skin, hair.

≯ of ≮ applicable crowd

It is old little all the food of appropriate. Gastric bowel digestion the person of empty of weak, body is optimum edible.

≯ of ≮ comfortable dosage

Every time 30-70 gram.

≯ of ≮ special clew

Dead snail cannot eat, when cooking, also want squashy. The mucus inside the snail body of winter sleep period already was discharged almost, the; of just as well that feed but seasonal to Xia Qiu, and the snail in conservatory, cannot instantly edible, want to make them hollow several days discharge edible of the ability after clean mucus. Snail and pound crab are fed together, some people may appear nettle rash.


Air temperature pelter, these food can increase strength for you! _ cate the world

Air temperature pelter, these food can increase strength for you!

2018-01-04 18:14:57

Now, xue Tian enrages occurrence rain of countrywide much ground, specific place still has blizzard, everybody goes out to must notice safety all right, heat preservation also should notice on the life, fall ill in case. On food, much attention is body complement nutrition, increase strength. A few food that can increase strength introduce for everybody below, look together!

One, bottle green and orange yellow vegetable add vitamin A

The expert expresses, orange yellow vegetable contains a lot ofcarotene, can change into vitamin A in human body, vitamin A can enhance the function with epithelial human body, generate strength to cold virus, it is OK and able-bodied the mucous membrane of pharynx and larynx and lung, maintain their normal metabolism.

The folic acid with green particularly rich vegetable is the factor that immune material synthesis needs, and kind of many yellow ketone can mix vitamin C joint action, very helpful to maintaining strength. Can promote the disease-resistant poison such as interferon to be synthesized character, and index of tall certain immunity.

Clew: On the west orchid, spinach, cabbage mustard, asparagus. Although and so on of garlic of ginger of Bai Luobo, green is not greenery vegetable, have the effect that increases strength as much. Taking a jin of course at least everyday is good sense, breed wants many a little bit. Remember light color vegetable eating the effect raw best, heat time does not want too long, more do not want deepfry. Additional, carrot is being fried eat can produce its nutrition value better. Pumpkin but evaporate, can boil, yi Ke is abluent section, salt after a few hours, with acetic cold and dressed with sauce, need simple cooking to be able to become a nutrition only delicate dish. In addition, more vitamin A also is contained in liver of pork liver, chicken, OK also appropriately edible.

[Shandong] pure and fresh orchid mixes on the west agaric

Patulous read: On the west the edible encyclopedia of orchid


Autumn cough pathogeny is different dietotherapy is different _ cate the world

Autumn cough pathogeny is different dietotherapy is different

2017-10-16 17:33:10

Autumn because difference in temperature of morning and evening big, weather is dry, the number that has the respiratory tract disease such as cough, cold increases apparently. Urticant cough of occurrence larynx of not little person, dry cough is little phlegmy symptom, and once cough,rise to check very hard. Because the pathogeny is different,autumn coughs, there is different characteristic on remedial method.

One, chill cough

Cough origin at getting cold, it is drivel drifting Qing Dynasty first, cough keeps later, capacity of cough up phlegm is much. Can choose fluid of profess to convinced of dried tangerine or orange peel of bravery of bolus of lung of the manage that connect announce, snake. Unfavorable the watermelon that takes cool sex, pear.

Dietotherapy square: Coriander soup. Coriander (caraway) 30 grams, turnip 50 grams, pepper is right amount. The turnip is abluent add water to boil boiling water, take soup of boiling hot turnip to immerse coriander is counted minute, add pepper right amount, take the advantage of heat to take.

Sweet-and-sour Bai Luobo

Patulous read: Edible encyclopedia of Bai Luobo


The summer eats hot food more, dehumidify is better _ cate the world

The summer eats hot food more, dehumidify is better

2017-06-01 11:31:15

The fall of summer will be more peculiar 3 big season are big, add the weather of high temperature, easy hot weather is wet more serious. The summer how is dispel hot weather wet? Can eat hot food more, so piquancy food how Where is fire of be unable to get something to eat? Summertime weather is torrid, as a result of the addition of fall, air humidity is relative also big, form content is easy occurrence hot weather is wet, wet meeting affects hot weather the health of the body. So how is dispel hot weather wet? Introduction of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, proper piquancy taking a place feeds capable person OK and effective purify hot weather is wet, so it what feed capable person is OK that what feed capable person is purify hot weather wet? Purify heat introduces for everybody below wet feed capable person tartly!

Summer takes heat of purify of 3 kinds of hot food wet

1, be eaten together with rice or bread puts garlic to prevent enteritis

Garlic has the very powerful effect that fight bacterium, the inhibition of the coliform organisms inside the path, dysenteric to bowel bacili particularly remarkable, have in folk ” natural bacteriophage ” say. Some of mashed garlic or garlic Chengdu are put when dish of cold and dressed with sause, not only can appetitive, can disinfect more antiseptic, avoid to eat food raw or cook is undeserved and cause bacterial sex dysenteric. In addition, cold cool vegetable takes the summer more, deserve to nod garlic, can counteract algidity, aubergine of balsam pear of the Chengdu that be like garlic, mashed garlic.

Cook a few flesh kind garlic is put when food, also can go be bored with of solution of raw meat or fish is added sweet, exterminate in feeding capable person harmful microbial, garlic is for instance sweet fish of barbecue, braise in soy sauce. Those who need an attention is, garlic after all Xin Wen, flourishing of fire of deficiency of yin with irritability, the person that liver heat looks disease, talking around gives birth to sore, guttural gall had better not eat. Give birth to mucous membrane of intestines and stomach of garlic easy stimulation, the patient of ulcer of chronic gastritis, enteron careful feed.

2, often blow air conditioning to eat ginger

Summer weather is torrid, many factitious covet are cool, like to blow air conditioning, have cold drink, bring about very easily so ” the empty in the stomach is cold ” , appear then the symptom such as diarrhoea, have loose bowels. Accordingly, right amount ginger taking a place can comply with litre of hair with summertime angry this world, lukewarm stomach comes loose cold, accord with ” the classics inside Huang Di ” what tell ” Chun Xia raises this world ” academic. Of ginger have a way a lot of, if boil Jiang Shang, the fried dish puts Jiang Si, fish of stew, decoct adds Jiang Pian, do dumpling stuffing to add Jiang Mo to wait. Those who need an attention is, ginger sex laborious is lukewarm, belong to hot sex food, do not eat more, with 3~5 piece advisable; The person of deficiency of yin with irritability (expression gives out heat for heart of hands or feet, often the skin is buccal doing, eye doing, dry) unfavorable take a surname.

3, green pepper is sudoriferous fall temperature

Wen Weixin of green pepper sex, can pass sudoriferous hypothermia, alleviate muscle is aching, because this has stronger solution to heat up demulcent action, the summer has a few green pepper appropriately, conduce to the raw vital energy that send this world. In addition, content of C of the vitamin in green pepper is count as one of the best in vegetable. Eat appropriately, have the effect that enhances immune power. Patient of eye disease patient, esophagitis, gastroenteritis, gastric ulcer, haemorrhoid should eat less or diet.

How health eats hot not suffer from excessive internal heat

1, bright chili replaces dry chili to flavor

In addition, contest of world culinary art is special filial piety of Korea of gold prize winner reminds, with delicacy chili replaces dry chili to flavor when cook, can reduce suffer from excessive internal heat. Because, bright chili passes high temperature boil to fry, piquancy can be reduced somewhat. If chili had been put in dish, heat up sexual condiment with respect to what do not put Chinese prickly ash, aniseed, cassia bark to wait again, otherwise ” heat on heat ” , easier get angry.

2, staple food chooses coarse food grain

Take hot course, staple food had better choose coarse food grain, because its are prandial fiber content is rich, can prevent by intestines and stomach hot and dry the constipation that cause. Corn or sweet potato are right choice. In addition, the seed of Job’s tears also can go dry, if complementary boil congee with lily, effect is more apparent.

3, with cooking of cool sex food

Medicine of China traditional Chinese medical science learns M.d. to say, chili sex is hot, this is the cause that causes people get angry. If match food of a few cool sexes, can rise ” counteract ” action, qing Dynasty heats up reduce internal heat. Dish of shrimp of the flesh that be like duck, fish, balsam pear, towel gourd, cucumber, lily, greenery, but clear heat promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid, method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood falls fire of dry, have diarrhoea is alexipharmic, the person that fits gastric heat especially eats. “It is chili first before cook in vinegar bubble a little while, or bit of vinegar is added when cook hot food, also can alleviate suffer from excessive internal heat ” , expert of food of 99 healthy nets suggests.

4, drink Shang Shui more

Again, want to drink water or boiling water more. Eat hot cause guttural and dry, lip easily weather-shack wait for a symptom. Right now, want to notice compensatory moisture. Drink bowl green vegetables or tomato egg boiling water, can rise to promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid the effect of moisten the respiratory tract. Eat hot when, drink a cup of yoghurt or milk, can solve not only hot, still have distinct hot effect at the same time.

5, acidity fruit eats more after eat

Finally, love has hot person, the appropriate after eat eats acidity fruit more. Acid the fruit contains the material such as tannic acid, cellulose, can exciting digestive juice is secreted, quicken peristalsis of intestines and stomach, the help takes skin of hot person method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood. Eat bit of apple, pear, pomegranate, banana, or eat some of hawkthorn, grape, grapefruit, have the effect of reduce internal heat.

Attention: Although chili cannot eat more very much

Chili laborious heat is poisonous, unfavorable feed more, surfeit can make inside body wet from thermalization, expression is skin acne, blood pressure is elevatory, haemorrhoid is aggravating, nosebleed. Eat much easy injury taste, light a gastral cavity not easy, weigh a stomach-ache! So, although chili also should have an amount very much, everybody remembers ” content does not have the United States evil, it is calamity too ” .


4 kinds of vegetable attentions drink first selection of autumn Bao soup the world of cate of right time _ of soup

4 kinds of vegetable attentions drink first selection of autumn Bao soup the right time of soup

2016-11-01 17:20:56

Autumn is very a season of preserve one’s health, bao soup made the first selection food of preserve one’s health of a lot of people. So autumn preserve one’s health how Where is Bao soup? How Where is Bao soup? Understand below.

Autumn suits to use 4 kinds of vegetable of Bao soup

One, tomato patch

Contain a lot ofthe nutriment such as prandial fiber tomato patch, alvine path peristalsis can be stimulated after eating, can alleviate constipation. Lump still can maintain in water after fresh potato is boiled, taste mouthfeel very face, suit to do boiling water so. The commonnest is the red food boiling water in Western-style food, also call Luo Song soup, head of potato, carrot, laver, onion, beef a Bao is boiled, acid is sweet appetizing. In addition, potato beef soup also is one of the most classical collocation, its delicacy flavour is dye-in-the-wood, still can be good at lienal raise a stomach.

2, yam

Yam is contained a lot ofa variety of vitamins, amino acid and mineral, have enhance heart of force of human body immunity, beneficial to calm the nerves wait for sanitarian action. Yam suits to follow the flesh kind soup of a Bao, not only can make broth nutrition double, still be helpful for the absorption of the nutriment in broth. The flesh that often matchs with yam kind flesh of chop, beef, duck, hotpot waits.

3, lotus lotus root

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, sex of unripe lotus root is cold, heat having Qing Dynasty eliminates irritated meritorious service, after thoroughlying cook by cool become lukewarm, have the method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood that raise a stomach, be good at the effect that lienal beneficial enrages. Lotus lotus root and kidney bean boil boiling water, ameliorable Morpheus quality, with chop Shang Nengjian of a Bao is lienal appetizing, suit take a tonic to build up health of taste weakling grow to be born. What need reminds is, stew lotus lotus root for long, had better choose the household utensils of pottery and porcelain or stainless steel, avoid to use iron bowl, with avoiding its oxidation blackens.

4, Bai Luobo

Bailuo predicts the effect that beneficial stomach, suitable gas, disappear feeds. It can promote bile to secrete, side aid digestion is adipose, among them mustard oil and prandial fiber can promote gastric bowel peristalsis, conduce to the eduction of the trash inside body. Accordingly, bai Luobo follows hoof of chop, beef, hotpot, pig to wait for Bao soup one case, not only filling gas arranges gas, still can reduce fat feeling. If do not think Bai Luobo’s piquancy is too heavy, the cap when Bao soup fastens a lid to father.

Collect a few those who drink boiling water is small stick person

1, different situation chooses different boiling water kind

1) suit to drink broth most since morning, the protein that abounds because of be being contained in broth and adipose, tenability 3-5 hour is digested inside body, avoid people to be in commonly 10-12 selects hunger of easy generation of this period of time and hypoglycemia phenomenon in the morning.

2) it is OK that different season drinks different boiling water precaution is seasonal disease. Like summer appropriate drinks gram boiling water, winter appropriate drinks hotpot soup to wait.

3) body is fat person suit to drink a bowl of vegetable boiling water before eat, can satisfy appetite already, advantageous reduce weight. Bodily form thin weak drinks the Shang Ke that contains high in syrup, high protein to enhance a constitution more.

4) female of pregnant puerpera, lactation and old person, child can drink boiling water of half bowls of bone before take food, what compensatory body place needs is calcic. Attention, fracture patient is unfavorable drink bone boiling water.

2, the right time that notices to drink boiling water and quantity

Adage says ” anteprandial drink boiling water first, surpass fine prescription ” , actually, this word is reasonable. When having a meal, food is to pass oral cavity, guttural, esophagus to arrive finally of the stomach, this resembles a passageway. Buccal boiling water is drunk first before having a meal, be equal to is this passageway dredge do good food in order to facilitate to pass, and mucous membrane of won’t exciting enteron. The time that drink boiling water with anteprandial 20 minutes or so had better, when having a meal also but a few slow entering soup.

Although anteprandial drink boiling water beneficial to health, but not be to say to be drunk so that had jumped over more more, general situation, breakfast can drink many a little bit appropriately, because of the morning people passes one night sleep, loss moisture is more. In Shang Yi is drunk before dinner half bowls advisable, want to be drunk less in the evening especially, otherwise again and again nocturnal make water affects Morpheus.


How does medlar eat most filling kidney? _ cate the world

How does medlar eat most filling kidney?

2016-10-24 16:31:02

Everybody knows to eat medlar more beneficial, can fill enrage filling kidney, how do you know medlar eats the most effective fruit then? Follow below small make up see medlar together how to eat most filling kidney!

What do the effect of medlar and action have?

1, medlar all has to function of immunity of particularity, blame particularity enhance action, still have immune adjustment effect.

2, medlar has fight tumor action.

3, medlar has fight oxidation, fight anile action.

4, medlar has defend liver and the action that fight fatty liver.

5, the growth that medlar can stimulate airframe, the genetic loss that to certain heredity poison place causes has apparent protective effect.

How does medlar want most filling kidney?

1, fried dish, one is put when doing congee. Using medlar bubble water to drink is the commonnest, but the vitamin that contains in medlar is water-solubility mostly, encounter heat to be destroyed easily. Recommend a dry medlar a little bubble, in the fried dish, when doing congee, or when the evaporate steamed stuffed bun, boiled dumpling that boil, it is OK to put a bit medlar to make burden.

2, eat like common food. The method that has medlar to had been compared resembles common food entering congee meal, skilly, dish euqally namely inside, not only nourishing, and won’t suffer from excessive internal heat.


Middleaged man must take the world of cate of _ of these two kinds of food more

Middleaged man must eat these two kinds of food more

2017-02-22 12:10:26

Investigation shows, heart disease and liver disease make the main disease of health of minatory and middleaged male. Accordingly, middleaged man takes more at ordinary times ” one stay of proceedings is taken ” have profit greatly to health. “One stay of proceedings ” those who point to is Xianggu mushroom. “One belt ” those who point to is kelp.

Xianggu mushroom

The man takes Xianggu mushroom to be able to protect liver effectively more. Xianggu mushroom contains a large number of vitamins, linseed oil and protein to wait, be called by people ” the meat or fish in element ” and ” dawdle empress ” . As feed the outstanding raw material with amphibious medicine, xianggu mushroom still can prevent a cold.

Consider to confirm, poison of a kind of disease-resistant is contained to pledge in Xianggu mushroom, ribonucleic acid of the dawdle that be called, can stimulate airframe to produce interferon. Often drink deeply the man of wine force, eat Xianggu mushroom to have better protective effect to liver more.


Autumn is entered fill had better drink the world of cate of oxtail soup _

Autumn is entered fill had better drink oxtail soup

2016-10-10 13:50:15

After the Beginning of Autumn, weather is gradually cool rise, can eat some of carnivorous to enter filled. Oxtail is contained rich protein and adipose, provide Yan Yangrong of empty of blood of good energy of life, strong bones and muscles, complement, grow to wait for action, it is autumn is tasted into the beautiful that fill.


Western-style oxtail soup

The practice of Han type oxtail soup introduces below.

Raw material and condiment:

Oxtail 2 kilograms, water 17 cups, green 1, garlic powder 1.5 big spoon, soy 3 big spoon, balm 2 big spoon, white sesame seed 2 big spoon, salt is right amount.


Oxtail is abluent (if oxtail is of whole root, need cuts paragraph of) of 4-5cm size, in the scald in the boiling water of the ginger that boil fish out reserves.

(After 1) lets soup juice roll boil again, already will mix again olfactory oxtail replace goes, after boil, join pepper right amount flavor (also can not add) can go up desk edible.

(2) checks oxtail with the chopstick squashy degree, when if the chopstick can have been inserted,going in, take out oxtail, mix with flavoring divide evenly tasty reserves.

(3) cuts green chopped green onion to reserve. Take one stockpot, join 17 cups of water to be boiled. Put oxtail into rolling water, after be being boiled, scoop up float oil carefully except, turn small fire add boils 3 hours.

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