5 kinds of vegetables and fruits are reductive the world of cate of _ of white tender skin

5 kinds of vegetables and fruits are reductive white tender skin

2013-11-09 00:23:16

Very much person is in be faced with color of skin dark heavy skin problem, cause skin actually dark heavy reason has a lot of, include daily habits and customs and dietary habit. A few kinds of can significant improvement are recommended for everybody below color of skin is dark heavy food.

Big jujube: Folk has ” one day eats 3 jujubes, all one’s life do not show old ” view.

5 kinds of vegetables and fruits are reductive white tender skin

Big jujube can beneficial is enraged be good at lienal, promote the biochemistry that enrage blood, make complexion ruddy, skin moist. In the meantime, the place in big jujube contains the material such as E of C of protein, carotene, vitamin, vitamin, organic acid and phosphor, calcic, iron to be able to promote skin cell metabolization, prevent pigment ad cool-headed.

5 kinds of vegetables and fruits are reductive white tender skin

Citric: The lemon that contains rich vitamin C can promote metabolism, defer consenescence, beautiful Bai Danban, receive fine fur aperture, bate cutin layer reachs your skin luster.

According to research, lemon can fall incidence of a disease of bottom skin cancer, the lemon juice that wants one spoon left and right sides only every week can drop the incidence of a disease of skin cancer 30% .

Nut: The not saturated fatty acid that contains in nut has profit very much to the skin, can from inside and nonlocal bate skin, prevent furrow, protect at the same time wet, let skin look younger.

5 kinds of vegetables and fruits are reductive white tender skin

Some vitamin E are contained in nut, can decrease not only and prevent the generation with qualitative brown of the fat in the skin and deposit, still can prevent blain.

Bai Luobo: The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks Bailuo is predicted but ” benefit the five internal organs, your person is fair and clear ” .

5 kinds of vegetables and fruits are reductive white tender skin

Modern medicine considers to show Bai Luobo contains rich vitamin C, can promote collagen albumen synthesis not only, improve haemal circulation, assure to furnish to cutaneous blood, return endotoxin of can cleared body, reduce the formation of melanin, make skin Bai Xi delicate.

Litchi: The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks litchi can ” beneficial person color ” , this perhaps is the reason that Yang Guifei loves to eat litchi.

5 kinds of vegetables and fruits are reductive white tender skin

Consider to make clear, litchi contains C of B of A of rich saccharide, protein, adipose, inorganic salt, prandial cellulose, vitamin, vitamin, vitamin, citric acid, apple acid, right amount edible, the blood that can promote blood capillary circulates, have the effect of beautiful white skin.

But absorb cannot overmuch, had better not exceed 10 every time, do not exceed 3 times every week.


Healthy platoon poison makes the world of cate of _ of smooth abdomen beauty

Healthy platoon poison becomes smooth abdomen beautiful woman

2013-11-09 00:23:09

One, breakfast discharges poisonous method

Healthy platoon poison becomes smooth abdomen beautiful woman

Breakfast is a day the most important in 3 meals, because this must have breakfast, breakfast is best of edible is, a fruit + 2 vegetable + a yam + a rice. That is to say, we distribute each food into 5 wait for a portion, among them the scale of fruit, vegetable, yam, rice is 1:2: 1: 1. If weigh disease patient or chronic patient, the proposal divides breakfast into 6 wait for a portion to eat, it is yam increases 2 only.

2, life little common sense discharges poisonous law

1, deep breathing discharges poison: Often enlarge bosom, receive hinterland to do deep breathing exercise. Deep breathing already the oxygen that place of can more engulf cell metabolization needs, effectively expiration carbon dioxide. Deep breathing is made return after thunderstorm can engulf is beneficial to healthy anion in great quantities.
2, bath discharges poison: Wash Wen Shuizao frequently, make sweat gland is excreted straightway, promote the platoon outside ” of the poison inside ” thereby. Also be helpful for discharging poison with double foot of hot bath bubble every night.

3, food of poison taking a platoon discharges poison

Healthy platoon poison becomes smooth abdomen beautiful woman

1. pachyrhizus: The fiber that pachyrhizus place contains is qualitative loose easy digest, can promote peristalsis of intestines and stomach, conduce defecate. The most marvellous having a way is the pachyrhizus that bake, and gross is baked together, eat off together, flavour tastily melting.

2. gram: Gram has the effect of satisfy one’s thirst of heat of diuresis of clear hot detoxify, dehumidify, disappear, drink gram soup to be helpful for discharging poison, detumescence more, the time that cooks nevertheless shoulds not be too long, lest organic acid be destroyed and reduce effect.

3. is oaten: Its can slip bowel is aperient, cooperate fiber to promote peristalsis of intestines and stomach, produce the effect with aperient poisonous platoon. evaporate ripe oaten hit into juice to regard as beverage will drink is right choice, when agitate is hit, also can join other feed capable person, be like apple, currant, nutrition can promote defecate again!

4. Yi benevolence: Its can promote circulation of the blood inside body, moisture to metabolize, produce the result of diuresis detumescence, conduce to improvement oedema fat. Yi benevolence water is the good method that discharge poison, directly Jiang Yi benevolence is boiled with boiled water after rotting, add the candy of a few by individual taste, it is skin beauty white natural maintain article.

5. millet: Millet does not contain gluten, won’t stimulate alvine path wall, it is to belong to gentler fiber to pledge, be digested easily, because this suits edible of tie-in platoon poisonous eat. Millet congee suits to discharge poison very much, have effect of clear hot diuretic, nutrition is rich, also conduce to the United States white.

6. unpolished rice: Unpolished rice is complete rice, withhold rice bran, have rich thread, have bibulous, action suction fat and the satiated feeling that comparative, benefit of can whole bowel, conduce to a poison. Everyday breakfast has a bowl of unpolished rice congee or come soya-bean milk of a cup of unpolished rice is pretty good platoon poisonous method.

Healthy platoon poison becomes smooth abdomen beautiful woman

7. ormosia: Can increase peristalsis of intestines and stomach, reduce constipation, stimulative micturition. Electric meal Bao can use ormosia to stew before sleep boil immerse for some time, the ormosia soup water that lies between a day to will not have candy is drunk when boiled water, can promote a poison effectively.

4, tear discharges poisonous law

relatively at the man that never cries, feminine life is longer, this have to tear of compose a quarrel is relative. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine had this knowledge already, and also be confirmed by western medicine place. As the tear that drains fluid, the fluid that be the same as sweat and uric fluid are same, there is toxin of a few insalubrious biochemistries really inside. So, afflictive when, when grievance, flat cry out comes when the depression. To those ” optimist ” , the sees a pathos afternoon movie on the weekend, letting tear drip as clue shedding also is poisonous means of a kind of active platoon.

5, Morpheus discharges poisonous law

This sleep to be accomplished very hard before 23 o’clock. But professional doctor reminds everybody, person just needs to assure to sleep before 23 o’clock most. Because, arrived at 23 o’clock before dawn 1 o’clock is gas blood circumfluence the time to liver, if do not sleep, be equal to force liver to continue to work, plus climate element, so, “Should not sleep mood be agitated ” behave particularly apparently in the summer.

Above discharges poisonous method namely, discharge poisonous eatable food, discharge the item that poison should notice.


Eat morer to jump over hunger in the morning in the evening? _ cate the world

Eat morer to jump over hunger in the morning in the evening?

2016-09-08 14:30:00

We produce what hunger feels common to the stomach already was discharged empty, hypoglycemia. If eat in the evening before today much, the stomach before sleeping still is in full bilge condition, so the digestion of the body can be in in the evening exert all his strength to digest business class for these alimental, the following day in the morning, the stomach is discharged basically empty. This makes the stomach expands from huge condition arrives contractive condition, similar discharge angry balloon, after this kind of platoon is empty ” hungry feeling ” meet more apparent.

Moreover, to healthy person, after human body takes food, blood sugar will be elevatory, the body can secrete pancreas islet always to help control blood sugar, synthesize redundant blood sugar belt to liver glycogen or adipose. If be faced before today,eat too much, especially the food of tall fat of high in syrup eats morer, the following day hungry sense may be clearer. Because this kind of food can cause insulin,this is for long excessive is secreted, will naturally take away more blood sugar in the body, bring about the hypoglycemia since morning possibly even.

Accordingly, dinner scarcely wants to eat too maintain, 3 eat time ration is attached most importance to especially should. Of course, no matter the following day hungry or the morning is not hungry, should eat a big breakfast: Cereal potato kind, the; such as the flour made from various kinds of beans that be like a beans, oaten, steamed twisted roll, steamed stuffed bun, yam, yam is vegetable water fruit, if mix greatly,the; flesh egg such as soup of the fruit vegetables, greens when Qing Dynasty is fried, vegetable fruit is suckled kind, wait for; legume like the sauce beef, egg that boil, hot milk, wait like bean curd silk, soya-bean milk, jellied bean curd. Pick and choose of of all kinds food eats a few, hungry feeling can disappear, the stomach is comfortable also.


The world of cate of _ of red wine nostrum reducing weight

Red wine nostrum reducing weight

2013-11-09 00:26:21

Guide language: Red wine can be helped aid Morpheus to be able to reduce weight! Very may much person does not believe, phoenix traditional Chinese medical science tells you, red wine contains the very rich nutrition material that fights oxidation, additionally it still can accelerate metabolic rate, the help is adipose and fast decompose. A cup of red wine is drunk to be able to help Morpheus really before sleeping, still can make you thin in imperceptible process personally oh!

Optimal thin body opportunity

Want to produce the thin body result of red wine, best drinkable before sleep. The red wine that contains a few alcohol can assist Morpheus, more the temperature of slow and can elevatory body, the night that makes original metabolism slow also can participate in adipose combustion metabolization, the grape much phenol in red wine is returned can slow body pressure, restrain pressure sex effectively eat and drink too much.

The reason that red wine reduces weight

1 drink red wine to be able to raise metabolism: Its fight the vitaminic C that contains in red wine, E and carotene oxidation force, can raise the metabolism that reduces as the age originally.

2 drink red wine can rein in dines speed: Sample when nurturance have dinner the habit of red wine, and give oneself a free from worry and ample time will enjoy have dinner fun, can the full abdomen center that in advance stimulates a head, let oneself won’t eat excessive.

3 drink red wine to be able to avoid guzzle crapulence: Of course, chroma of the alcohol in blood also is met slow and elevatory, to removing pressure also has the effect, because this also can restrain the guzzle crapulence of pressure sex.

4 drink red wine to be able to reduce the oedema inside body: Red wine contains rich iron to pledge, add alcohol itself to have the effect of warm body of invigorate the circulation of blood, because this is OK improvement is anaemic, warm waist kidney, reduce the accumulation of the moisture inside the body effectively. Bloated constitution person suit this to plant especially already beautiful skin the law of red wine thin body of fine body.

Red wine nostrum reducing weight

Red wine method reducing weight

One cannikin red wine is drunk before sleeping, it is the quantity of noggin. Match a cheese to two again!

The department since complete fat tall calcium matchs red wine, can raise metabolization rate, be helpful for burning adipose. Want 3 eat to eat normally only, in before sleeping 30 one’s duty, eat 1-2 piece a department or 50g cheese, drink 1 cup of 50-100c.c again. red wine, 3 Zhou Ke is thin 7 kilograms.

Department contains spirituosity of red wine of qualitative; of protein and fat since, have effect yield heat, and can let blood sugar rise. Quantity of heat is very low, just 129 calories, impose dietary control again, decrease more easily heavy.

Absorb fixed calcium to be able to reduce weight effectively character everyday

Because remove department component and mother to breed scale is close to, adscititious do not contain milk sugar and calcium is qualitative easy be absorbed by human body, and the short chain that protein course ferments and produces amine radical is acerbity, can promote metabolization rate. Red wine spirituosity, can help Morpheus. And acting Xie Man, temperature is low when Morpheus, eat rise to manage and drink red wine, can produce heat, quicken metabolism, the edge sleeps to be able to deplete put oneself in another’s position by the side of inside adipose, in order to achieve thin body effectiveness. Meal cannot have starch before kind food, or can rise to combat the effect. Red wine should choose oak bucket to ferment.

Material: 1-2 having department piece 50-100c.c of Or 50g red wine. Should choose fat qualitative, calcic qualitative content portion of tall, candy is small / of low carbohydrate, reach nature to ferment or a department of sootiness taste. And treatment of not optional choose is much, have add taste, wait for a department like strawberry, citric, La Mei.


Winter of preserve one’s health reducing weight should eat 7 kinds ” acerbity ” _ cate the world

Winter of preserve one’s health reducing weight should eat 7 kinds ” acerbity “

2012-02-07 13:26:22

Winter of preserve one’s health reducing weight should eat 7 kinds ” acerbity “

According to theory of preserve one’s health of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, winter food should eat Qing Rungan’s acerbity food more, acidity food can protect liver, still can help you reduce weight.

Feminine winter should eat acidity food more

According to theory of preserve one’s health, seasonal food wants Qiu Dong to eat Qing Rungan’s acerbity food more, little laborious adds acid. Lienal, filling liver, clear lung gives priority to dietary Ying Yijian, should eat the Qing Rungan such as hawkthorn, grapefruit, pomegranate, apple’s acerbity fruit more, because contain tannic acid, organic acid, cellulose among them,wait mineral, can remove exciting digestive juice to secrete, accelerate the effect that gastric bowel wriggles, can moisten the respiratory tract of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, enhance strength. And to the woman, winter eats acidity food besides sanitarian preserve one’s health, acidity food still can help you carry gentle and graceful figure.

Winter of preserve one's health reducing weight should eat 7 kinds " acerbity "

Picture origin: The graph is intermediary

1, citric

Lemon is a kind of nutrition fruit that contains a lot ofvitamin C, average person will regard hairdressing as food. Actually, the material that contains in lemon, the course is allocated reasonably, still be very effective material reducing weight.

Feed a law to recommend:

Get up every morning, hollow drink water of honey of one dock-glass lemon, honey 2 spoon, citric 1-2 piece, water had better exceed 500ml, avoid by all means, cannot use boiled water, wen Shui is best. Hold to so a week, you can discover, defecate is normal, the skin becomes white tender, weight is met probably light 2 jins of above / , corn and protein had better insist to be absorbed everyday, the bosom is done not have to be decreased quickly on likelihood occurrence body otherwise.

Citric mead

Lemon juice extraction delicacy 1 spoon, honey 1 spoon, mix brandy right amount. Evening is drinkable, can help already fall asleep, improve Morpheus quality, also be beneficial to raise colour, reduce weight.

Citric kelp tea

Lemon juice extraction delicacy 100 grams, xian Hai takes 100 grams, mark is cut with the knife after kelp is abluent, put 180 grams clear water, immerse in stainless steel cup, boil 1 hour, put cold, drinkable when can join a few rock candy appropriately.

Because iodine is contained in kelp, can promote thyroid hormone to secrete, raise airframe metabolism. Lemon juice is hemal to diastole bate, quicken haemal circulation, bowel of OK still and promotional stomach digests a function. Can eliminate so sluggish is accumulated inside body redundant hypodermic and adipose, achieve goal reducing weight. Drinkable quantity can drink by oneself calm, but unfavorable often drinkable.

Winter of preserve one's health reducing weight should eat 7 kinds " acerbity "

2, tomato

According to dietetics home research determines: Each everyday edible 50 grams – the 100 tomato that overcome delicacy, can satisfy human body to be opposite a few kinds of vitamins and mineral need. What contain the organic acid such as malic acid, citric acid, can make gastric juice secrete, right adipose the assimilation that reachs protein. What contain fruit acid and cellulose, bowel of peptic, embellish is aperient action, can prevent and cure constipation.

Winter ” body is cold ” with ” pressure ” the two old natural enemy that are influence Morpheus. And the tomato Gong Suneng in tomato is quite clear blood, stimulative metabolization, have loosen nerve, alleviate the action of pressure.

Feed a law to recommend:

Tomato thin body is advocated anteprandial have a tomato, the food fiber that contains among them is not digested for human body absorb, while the dish that reduces rice and high fever amount photographs appetite, in preventing the body to absorb food more adipose. The tart flavor with unique tomato still can stimulate gastric juice to secrete, stimulative intestines and stomach wriggles, it is in order to help the food fiber in tomato inside bowel adsorptive and redundant adipose excrete together with litter come out. To cold sex constitution or gastric bowel weakling can choose has heated tomato or tomato juice.

Cannot become completely with tomato meal, should decrease only below at ordinary times the 1/4 of appetite arrives 1/2, ought to enough. Do not be eager to hope for success because of what reduce weight, and the nutrition with was affected normal and physical strength, bring about even a few otherer the generation of illness, that thed loss outweights the gain with respect to some.


The world of cate of _ of star of 5 big grams of winter failure reducing weight

The star of 5 big grams of winter failure reducing weight

2012-02-07 13:24:52

24 hours of healthy gas station
24 hours of healthy gas station Blog
Accredit of cate the world achieves rich objective formerly
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The star of 5 big grams of winter failure reducing weight

Enter winter, many MM him discovery are on a diet the effect is very small, why a few so called ” product reducing weight ” not only reduce weight to did not succeed, add fertilizer instead? The reason depends on a supermarket in a few seemingly doubtful the food that reduce weight is the biggest Ke Xing that we reduce weight actually. Now day, we with respect to the real features 5 big questions one by one debunk.

The star of 5 big grams of winter failure reducing weight

Problem 1- eats ” oily ” too much

Adipose it is the big fear that reduce weight, and to prevent get fat, be about little absorb the food with adipose fast content. Put an end to adipose kind of food, spoken parts in an opera is to have oil less, oil is with what medical term says ” adipose ” , vegetable oil and animal oil are adipose, vegetable oil is pure adipose, the bases of fat is adipose, adipose return consist in lean lean, pluck, egg, grandma, bean products, even in commissariat, in certain vegetable (be like: Young soya bean) what have certain amount is adipose.

The star of 5 big grams of winter failure reducing weight

Problem 2- eats carbohydrate more

1 gram carbohydrate or 1 gram protein produce 4 kilocalorie quantity of heat only, and 1 gram is adipose can produce 9 kilocalorie quantity of heat, eat more so adipose be equal to eat a lot of carbohydrate or protein more.

What vegetable oil contains than the fat place of coequal weight is adipose want much, because fat is medium besides adipose outside still contain moisture, protein, fibre. Someone says: “I do not eat fat, have vegetable oil only, can avoid fat. ” it is a kind of misunderstanding actually.

Composition of these hard fruit alimental such as melon seeds, earthnut, walnut, pine nut, filbert, Xia Guo almost the half is adipose. Somebody loves to eat these snacks to also be equal to ate a lot of fat fat.

Have some of Lenten house, the oil that makes food is older and older, when the fried dish gives boiler for good-looking asperse bright oil even, all sorts of element ” water boils a fish ” , ” water boils the flesh ” , ” sweet hot crab ” it is essentially ” oil is boiled ” , eat the oil that receive not to exceed an amount impossibly.

Path of carbohydrate classics bowel is digested become monose (dextrose, fructose, half lactose) hind blood of income be suctioned, one part is used to produce energy to supply human body need directly by the organization, one part stores in the cell, if still have redundant monose, can become adipose store in existence airframe.

The food that contains carbohydrate has commissariat, legume, grandma, fruit, dried fruit, vegetable.

Non-staple food is poor when living standard is low before, every meal has average person staple food is 389 jins very common, standard of living rose now, non-staple food is good, staple food still eats 389 jins to exceed an amount.

Someone eats a fruit too much, eat especially contain the fruit with high in syrup () of banana, persimmon, grape, litchi, also increased the intake of carbohydrate.

Problem 3- excessive is protein

Protein also is a kind of material that produces energy, if eat much, the energy that eats exceeded human body to need a capacity, store those who rise is adipose still.

The food that contains protein is the flesh more kind, egg kind, grandma kind, yellow legume, commissariat, vegetable and fruit also have a few protein.

The food that contains protein to abound (the flesh, egg, grandma, soya bean) contain tall adipose, these food eat much adipose also meet as eat much.

Protein metabolization child wants to be excreted from the kidney, protein eats much the burden of can aggravating kidney, metabolization child exceeded a kidney excrete ability to be able to be caused ” disease of azotic qualitative blood ” , harmful to the body.

Problem 4- snacks + sweetmeats

Some people like snack, drink sweet beverage, overmuch sock takes when feel the life is drab especially or watching TV. The carbohydrate in snacks, protein, adipose composition has almost.

Snack is equal to take energy, the energy of some snacks is very high still, oiliness of hard fruit food is for instance much, banana, happy fruit, cashew, potato piece wait;

Candied, dried fruit, preserved fruit, sweet beverage contains sugar much, jerk, slices of fish meat contains protein much, the energy of generation is not used up, can store with adipose form rise.

Problem 5- drinks too much

Wine is the drink that produces high fever amount, 1 gram alcohol can produce 7 kilocalorie quantity of heat, be next to adipose yield quantity of heat, although the alcohol degree in beer has 3% to control only, but the degree containing sugar that still has 11% , and the quantity that drinks beer should be gotten greatly much.

The quantity of heat that a bottle of beer produces is equivalent to the quantity of heat that 100 grams commissariat produces, wine is drunk so that be equal to more eat a lot of food more, redundant energy still can store with adipose form rise.

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Black rim of the eye will raid 5 kinds of food to repel _ cate the world thoroughly

Black rim of the eye will raid 5 kinds of food to be repelled thoroughly

2012-02-07 13:21:53

Black rim of the eye will raid 5 kinds of food to be repelled thoroughly

To the female white-collars that often stay up late, black rim of the eye will raid, this is the collective trouble of a lot of people! How Where is black rim of the eye of ability take out? Do not be afraid of! Want you to eat darlingly only the following these 5 kinds of food, protect you black rim of the eye was done not have!

"Black rim of the eye will raid 5 kinds of food to be repelled thoroughly

Sesame seed: The action publicity that sesame seed black sends, but the effect that its remove black rim of the eye may be little-known.

Sesame seed contains a lot ofthe vitamin E that has alimentary effect to eyeball and eye flesh, can alleviate thereby the formation of black rim of the eye. Can make beautiful hair pitch-black already beautiful beautiful, can eliminate black rim of the eye again, kill two birds with one stone, pardonable somebody regards sesame seed as magical ” blackart food ” .

Besides sesame seed, the other edibles that contains a lot ofvitamin E still has earthnut, walnut, sunflower to wait.

"Black rim of the eye will raid 5 kinds of food to be repelled thoroughly

Carrot: Can mix to eyeball besides vitamin E eye flesh has alimentary effect outside, vitamin A also has this kind of effect.

Carrot increases vitamin A intake namely not 2 choices, it can keep epithelial tissue normal function, improve black rim of the eye. In addition, the vitamin A that contains in carrot still conduces to promotional eyesight, be in especially the eyesight in darkness.

Other accumulate the food that contains vitamin A still has egg of animal liver, butter, birds, clove, apricot to wait.

"Black rim of the eye will raid 5 kinds of food to be repelled thoroughly

Egg: Because high grade protein is contained a lot ofin the egg, and protein can promote rejuvenesce again, accordingly often edible egg, increase to be absorbed proteinly, the formation of black to alleviating rim of the eye has certain effect. But the nutrition that because human body is daily,can absorb two eggs place to contain only at most, because this edible egg is unfavorable,exceed two.

Some people are used to edible to lay an egg, in fact, unripe egg both neither is easy digest, still contain a bacterium, because this suggests,edible white coddle is everybody optimal. In addition, egg of lean lean, birds, aquatic product also contain a lot ofhigh grade protein, often this kind of food also conduces to edible the formation that reduces black rim of the eye, but be comprised as a result of the protein of the egg and be close to of human body most, absorb the effect so best.

"Black rim of the eye will raid 5 kinds of food to be repelled thoroughly

Kelp: Because iron is character,make the core part of haemoglobin. Accordingly, compensatory and right amount iron can make haemoglobin increase character, enhance its to carry oxygen cent and the capability that battalion nurturance differentiates thereby. And kelp contains a lot ofiron to pledge, often take kelp so, also can alleviate the worry of black rim of the eye.

Other the food that contains iron to be abounded character still has animal liver, lean lean to wait.

"Black rim of the eye will raid 5 kinds of food to be repelled thoroughly

Green tea: The person that often use computer but drinkable green tea, nutriment of compensatory particularity plant, eliminate the black rim of the eye that causes because of computer radiate.

Green tea place contains some to condense much phenol, can restrain freedom radical to support fiber to cause to the skin destroy, it is consistent now accepted the most effective defy freedom radical factor. The green tea that drinks low caffein more can eliminate black rim of the eye not only, its contain some catechu element, can help the body already adipose metabolization, and helpful also to Morpheus, not only OK and stable Morpheus, also make a person not easy have fatigue feeling.

In addition, bag of apply green tea also can rise to alleviate the action of black rim of the eye. Need only will drinkable the green tea Bao Fang after is pressed down a little while in freezer Li Bing, take apply to 20 minutes are in on the eye, black rim of the eye can get alleviating certainly.


Daily food dispel is corneous the world of cate of 3 recipes _

Daily food dispel is corneous 3 recipes

2012-02-07 13:09:36

Daily food dispel is corneous 3 recipes

Method one: Salt chamfer is qualitative

Brothers: In joining refined salt the white that protect a hand, ministry of massage hand of a week of knead is sufficient perhaps ministry.

The body: Join refined salt in bath breast, use systemic chamfer to pledge, this law also applies to bath product, perhaps add the massage oil of menthene and so on, at this moment of salt outer can be lapped by oil, not only can increase slippery suitable degree, also won’t be dissolved by water.

Facial: After washing a face, let a face hold small wet position, take a few refined salt is massaged on the face (palpebral all around avoid to use) , rush with many water after 30 seconds clean, the skin can become smooth and meticulous, a week with advisable.


Protect wet menu to take the world of cate of _ of woman of embellish giving water

Protect wet menu to have woman of embellish giving water

2012-02-07 13:07:34

Modern woman must have the skin of water embellish! Want to be recuperated slightly only, you can have the skin is like water in the dream, water embellish beauty is not you to not be belonged to.

Protect wet menu to have woman of embellish giving water

Feature of water embellish woman 1 delicate facial

“Face ” the problem is very serious, involve dignity not only more influence figure. Each females hope to have a pair inherent beautiful qualitative appearance, bai Xi is lubricant, make a person photographic.

Feed filling menu: Qi jujube shuts boiling water

Take the root of remembranous milk vetch 30 grams of 15 ~ , big jujube 30 grams issue 10 grams, lily together boiler is stewed, time 30 ~ 40 minutes, expect even soup belt one case later edible. Sex of the root of remembranous milk vetch in raw material of this 3 flavour the tepid, function that has filling energy of life, big jujube is to enrich the blood the beautiful of filling gas, be good at taste is tasted, lily can method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood raises lung. 3 person be united in wedlock, to enraging blood the ill National People’s Congress of two empty has profit, can alleviate lack of power, be afraid of cold symptom, also can moist skin.


Thin waist receives an abdomen after the section the world of cate of 3 cookbook _

Thin waist receives an abdomen after the section 3 cookbook

2012-02-07 13:08:30

Great majority is gradually fat remove comer, the reason is varied, be like: Lack works, metabolization not free, belly-worship, nutrition is superfluous, form hypodermic and adipose accumulation. Fat can divide roughly for 3 kinds of types: Girth is alvine and brawny, potbellied, flabby. Be aimed at those who differ is fat, adopt different dietotherapy plan, can get satisfactory curative effect.

Thin waist receives an abdomen after the section 3 cookbook

Thick waist 3 types

The person with brawny girth: The food of a day of 3 eat ought to appropriate arrangement, eat those stodgy flesh, birds, egg less kind food, although want to eat, also answer Chinese meal eats, if dinner eats,add fertilizer easily. Dinner ought to be given priority to with vegetable, fruit, 8 minutes full stop namely. Dinner hind is not eager to sleeping, dinner and sleep between want interval 3 hours at least. Must not take food taken late at night because of greediness.

Potbellied person: As a result of at ordinary times nutrition is absorbed too much, quantity of heat has been used up little, “Imports and exports ” without the balance, cause overmuch nutrient material to pile up to make in abdominal ability it ” a new force suddenly rises ” . Should let ” big abdomen ” ” becomes ” slender ” , the key is the dietary structure with ferial change, hold on the whole ” much element of little meat or fish, eat less as far as possible ” principle. Feed of best and weekly gastric disorder. To do not make intestines and stomach suffers when gastric disorder ” grievance ” , but a few fruits taking a place.

Alvine and flabby person: Its are main the reason is to water overmuch. Overmuch water branch increases kidney and cystic burden, in order to cause alvine and flabby. For suit the remedy to the case, ought to control strictly everyday water quantity. When drinking water every time a few, avoid by all means ” carouse ” .

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