Give youth the girl’s advice

Should not be unplug eyebrow draw eyebrow. Brow has the effect that holds back sweat, dust and protective eye. The girl’s brow has not grow completely development is all ready, unplug eyebrow and draw eyebrow are equal to at this moment get rid of eye eye protective screen, make dust, bacterium falls continuously without block ground orbit, contract eye disease easily. Unplug the nerve ending all round brow cross-eye the socket of eye is a kind of evil sexual excitement, what can cause eye flesh to move is maladjusted, cause the skin is flabby all round orbit, appear easily furrow andEyelid is flagging, after manhood more influence hairdressing.

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2 the unfavorable Dai Zhui that bind side. The girl’s ear is delicate, the side that binds ear Dai Zhui to be able to cause a person to be at this moment is traumatic, still have bring bacterium to cause infection fester or be caused into bodyTetanicdangerous. According to the report, kabul city of Afghanistan, the tetanic patient that has 16% is caused by Za Er.

3 unfavorable wear heavy make-up. The skin of human body whole body shares sweat aperture 20 million above, excrete the trash inside about 15 thousand body by sweat aperture everyday. The girl wears heavy make-up cosmetics, undoubted block the eduction of the trash inside body, affect temperature adjustment not only so, cause easily still ” cosmeticMacula” , development of influence face flesh and strong and handsome.

4 should not be bundle of bosom. Bundle the movement that the bosom can affect costal, breastbone and midriff muscle, affect the normal growth of normal breath and bosom, make pectoral outline narrow, vital capacity is small, still can affect the lactation after mammary development and marriage, serious person can cause a breast benign simple table thrombus andPhlebitisWait for a disease.

5 unfavorable do not wear bra. Some girl breasts already growth is very big still do not wear bra, time grew, the breast is easy and flabby flagging, the normal blood inside cloggy mammary gland circulates, cause haemal Yu sluggish of the part, cause violent campaign of mammary disease; to make the breast gets easily alsoTraumaticAnd cause mastitis.

6 unfavorable spur mammary growth with hormone. Some girls disrelish a breast small, and takeEstrogenSpur mammary growth, although have temporary effect, but time grows, can make possibility of body of neck of mammary gland, vagina, palace, uterus, ovarian cancered increases. Abusive estrogen is caused easily not onlyDisgusting, Vomit, Anorexia, still can bring aboutThe uterus bleeds, Uterine hypertrophy, menstruation is damaged with function of liver, kidney mussily.

7 unfavorable and long-term use breast of strong and handsome abundant to cream. Some girls disrelish mammary development difference, daub is strong and handsome abundant breast creams make a breast plump, increase, use for a long time can causeMenstruation is not moved, pigment atrophy of ad cool-headed, skin attenuates, still can make hepatic enzymatic system disorder, biliary acerbity synthesis decreases, form cholesterol stone easily.

8 unfavorable wear play pants high. Play pants high to wrap crotch, buttock and ham closely, know the difference that appear a gender, affect blood and lymphatic loop, it is normal that cloggy joint extends Qu Heshen system development, and cause a girl extremely easilyVulvitis, appearVulva Sao is urticant, aching, red, catch because of scratching can make pubic skin is shown diffuse qualityUlcer, the difficulties after micturition more very, inguinal lymph node is intumescent because of infection, aching.


9 unfavorable wear cusp high-heeled shoes. Girl toe is soft tender, wear cusp high-heeled shoes for a long time, squash not only attrition toe, still cause crural disease. This kind of foot is ill, painful disease of high-heeled shoes Zhi is called on medicine. Wear high-heeled shoes all the year round, drive up of sufficient an old unit of length for measuring land, increase, when walking, sufficient needle is forced to squash to ahead, cause the hemal tube wall that goes with Zhi nerve companion to add thick, form local thrombus, cause sufficient Zhi nerve to be short of blood, denaturation, or form embed armour, bear hard sorely, defect of aged the rear foot is more, more serious.

10 unfavorable and long-term with food of mastication of a side tooth. With the passing of time creates strain of a side tooth easily, facial development asymmetry, damage strong and handsome.

(the exercitation edits: Zheng Yanjun)


See menstruation judge your health condition

Those who observe menstrual characteristic still have an index, that is menstrual quantity, but how many what measure by what come only, cannot enrage hematic state certainly. Than many of Buddha, it is blood it seems that a lot of, but if measure much color weak, quality of a material rare, it is the expression of anaemia however

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Want to understand period unusual, need to know what is normal above all. Average person knows, normal period cycle is 24-35 day, average 28 days, every time duration 2-6 day. Normal period haemorrhage is 30-50 milliliter. But the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is not so simple to the definition of normal period, besides afore-mentioned periodic characteristics, it all has detailed demand to menstrual color, qualitative, quantity, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks color is not scarlet, rare not stiff, do not condense, without clot, without special odour, additional, menstrual around is done not have substantially the mood is fluctuant, also do not have other apparently unwell ability calculates normal period. Do not accord with above condition, but by regard as unusual.

You are OK the menstrual characteristic according to oneself, do it from menstrual cycle, color, quality of a material, quantity and odour, him recombine systemic state, can judge gas blood level of whole.

Judge measure:

Menstrual cycle

Want to know oneself cycle is how many days above all, menstrual cycle is the first day of computation that comes from every time menstruation the first day when arrive to come the next time. General cycle shifts to an earlier date. If normaller cycle comes early 7 days above, appear continuously of 2 periodic above, constitution of this kind of person is belonged to moreBlood is hotOr after cycle of; of deficiency of vital energy is wrong, be after be being delayed than normal cycle 7 days, or 40-50 day, it is more cold, Deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it, obstruction of the circulation of vital energy.

Menstrual color, quality of a material

Begin to observe menstrual color and quality of a material then. Always menstrual color weak, quality of a material is rare follow more ” empty ” about, for instance deficiency of vital energy, deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it, Lienal empty, kidney empty, or have phlegmy wet. Always menstrual color is deep follow solid, hot, Yu more, about, scarlet, An is red, amaranthine, for instance violet black, Mo Gong, quality of a material is ropy, or have clot. Of course, also have exception among them, for instance cold, hot two kinds of condition, separate empty, fact two types. For example: Hematic heat still divides solid heat, empty heat, it is menstrual color together bright red, but real hot companionMenstrual capacity is much, quantity of menstruation of empty hot companion is little. Blood is cold also divide reality is cold, xu Han. The classics with cold reality is lubricious dim or clip has small clot, xu Han’s color weak or be like juice of black soya bean.

Female of the turn of life, how is ability tarry beautiful? If want for beautiful eatEstrogen, still be inferior to drinking soya-bean milk, eat some of natural and fresh fruit vegetable. Even if female of the turn of life needs complement truly, also answer to follow the doctor’s advice strictly.

Menstrual quantity

Observe menstrual characteristic still have an index, that is menstrual quantity, but how many what measure by what come only, cannot enrage hematic state certainly. Than many of Buddha, it is blood it seems that a lot of, but if measure much color weak, quality of a material rare, it is the expression of anaemia however. Come more only, redness of skin is very scarlet, the ability with ropy quality of a material calculates heat. Those who come is little same also, want to combine menstrual color, quality of a material, ability judges the true condition of gas blood.

Accompany a symptom

Outside the property of except menstruation itself, menstrual around has withoutGiddy, Have a headache, Dysmenorrhoea, Diarrhoea, the mood rises and fall wait a symptom a moment, also can use a help to judge gas blood situation. Menstrual around is for instance easyGiddy, whether be deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it? Actually very good judgement, observe menstruation is OK. Dizziness accompanies menstruation at the same time the quantity is little, color is light. If accompanyComplexion is cadaverous, gum tongue is weak, Palpitation, magicalTiredThe symptom such as force is deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it.

If accompanyThe bosom is frowsty, heavy, appetite differs the head, LeucorrhoeaMuch, it is lienal empty phlegmy wet those who cause. Be like dizziness, menstrual amount is small, color is bright red, meeting companion be perturbed is irritable at the same time, Lumbar genu aching and limp, buccal dry pharynx works, zygomatic and aglow wait for a symptom, it is liverKidney deficiency of yin with irritability. DysmenorrhoeaFalse or true of OK also and divisional body, before average period or when coming painful, do not like to press knead, after menstruation comes, after clot comes out painful those who decrease for reality is painful, cause by Yu block more, inducement is moreGloomy of diseases with such symptoms as coastal pain writtens guaranteeOr catch a cold catch a cold. Menstruation if period is painful, the ache after period is aggravating, alvine and unbroken incessant, like to press very much knead or of hot compress, it is empty painful, cause by deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it of kidney empty, gas more.

The measure citing that judges situation of blood of him body odor is as follows:

The first pace, menstrual cycle, after 45-48 day is delayed (cold, deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it, obstruction of the circulation of vital energy) ;

The 2nd pace, menstrual quantity slants little, a bit namely clean (deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it, lienal empty, kidney empty) ;

Color of menstruation of the 3rd pace is reddish, shallow (deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it, deficiency of vital energy, lienal empty) ;

Quality of a material of menstruation of the 4th pace is rare, without clot (deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it, deficiency of vital energy, lienal empty) ;

The 5th pace accompanies a symptom, after menstruationMigraine, alvine and unbroken pain, happy event by knead. (Kidney deficiency of yin with irritability, liver in relief excessive) ;

Systemic state: Ferial aching and limp of easy waist genu, all overLack of power, giddy, palpitation. Eat meal appetite to differ, easy abdomen bilges, cold; of form cold limb


Conclusion: Deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it is given priority to, kidney, lienal two empty.

Everybody is OK the summary according to above, as doing a choice to inscribe, for oneself preliminary judgement, very fast you can feel, oneself are OK also the palm accuses his body state.

(the exercitation edits: Zheng Yanjun)

Ou Li stops

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Pregnancy did you know mother of these pregnant of wholesome common sense?

During the female is pregnant, to suit gravid with fetal growth the need of development, the body happened a series of change, . . . Be pregnant the common common sense that her female should understand pregnancy health care, force; its are the general and wholesome common sense during be pregnant.

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One, mental respect: The mental state of pregnant woman not only right fetal influential, bigger to the influence of herself.

2, food: After the woman is pregnant, undoubtedly need is much food than Everyman. The food of pregnant woman should be many sided, want to change constantly, do not want sheet to eat 3 kinds of two food, such ability get more vitamin is mixedMineral. 

3, defecate: When be pregnant easy constipation, the person that has had costive habit at ordinary times especially happens more easily. 

4, pee: The job of the kidney in pregnancy increased a lot of, want special attention to protect to it so. Should drink enough moisture, when be pregnant than doing not have, should drink more a few. Do not eat or eat excitant food less to wait like garlic, chili, wine as far as possible. If pee quantity decreased, this is bad phenomenon (of course, perspire quantity of pee of a long time decreases certainly, this should not talk) again, want to be checked to hospital law, tell doctor or accoucheuse this circumstance.

5, breast: The breast is infantile barn, the health that it will come to to the child and development are having very major effect. Many person breast development are very good, of firm unripe child in the firty few days galactic very much also, but the tit is too too short, small, or was to cave to go in, the child is not sucked however galactic. Galactic because cannot be excreted, breast more and more bilge, and even aglow hair is painful, after bilging a few days, a large number of galactic reducing, did not have completely even, result child cannot get good food — mother milk.

If be a tit too too short, small, go up in the tit with grease besmear everyday, mention it with two finger, twist gently back and forth it, can make it lengthens slowly so greaten, skin is added thick, in the future the child not only easily absorb, and return not easy damaged and fission. If the tit caves,go in, can put below tit both sides to press respectively with two finger, will breed dizzy pull open to both sides, such tits are met protruding come out, at this moment tit of reoccupy finger slub, thresh after a few days, the tit is met naturally protruding comes out. If the tit is very small very short, can press again above that method is done a few times more make it lengthens coarsen. This kind of method is painful not at all with the trouble. The breast should use warm water catharsis everyday, when there is dry scab skin to adhere to on the tit, want to clean it. Brassiere had better be used in pregnancy, the purpose is to be used hold a breast in the palm, avoid prolapse, is not oppressive it. 

6, the dress: It is a principle with wide comfortable system, cannot because want beautiful and manacle the body. Pregnant woman winter must be worn some more warm up, especially leg ministry. Trousers had better not it constrictive go up in abdomen, lest affect fetal growth. The dress wants to be washed frequently at changing, and should avoid wear high-heeled shoes.

 7, bathe: Function of the cutaneous when be pregnant is strengthened, because at this moment of moisture and flotsam excrete increased, must want to maintain skin cleanness sanitation so. 

8, tooth: In pregnancy this also is to want special try to notice.

 9, sexual life: Be in normal and gravid when, mix at first two months must avoid sexual intercourse finally. 

10, journey: Most pregnant woman is when the journey and did not give what trouble, but what give birth to the child or miscarriage on the train or boat is not scarce also. Need not make long-distance trip in pregnancy so when, ought to avoid as far as possible. When must going, also answer to choose to contrast calm approach as far as possible.


11, labor and motion: Proper labor and motion have profit only to pregnant woman, without disadvantage. Long sit if the pregnant woman of the office can be in crural underlay a taboret, meet some help to preventing the happening of lower limbs varicosity.

12, antenatal examination: A pregnant woman is divided should notice above place says each outside, it is very important also to have still antenatal is checked.

(the exercitation edits: Zheng Yanjun)


The puerpera should eat what fruit

Fruity nutrition is rich, flavour is delicious, the men and women is old young, everybody loves to eat. Some people think, the fruit is the food of raw or cold food, the puerpera is afraid of catch a cold, does the fruit that eats raw or cold food have profit to the body? Carry out a proof, the puerpera eats some of fruit appropriately, can increase nutrition not only, help aid digestion, compensatory vitamin andMineral, and the fruit still has a few special medical treatment effect, to the puerpera healthy, very helpful action.

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So, what fruit should the puerpera eat?

1, banana: Many cellulose and iron are contained to pledge in banana, have aperient the action that enrich the blood. The puerpera loves lie in bed to rest more, gastric bowel peristalsis is poorer, often happenConstipation. Plus postpartum and exsanguine more, need to enrich the blood, and one of main raw material that iron is hematopoiesis character, so the puerpera eats some of banana to be able to prevent morePostpartum constipationAnd postpartumAnaemic. The iron that the puerpera absorbs is much more qualitative, the iron in lacteal sweat is qualitative much also, to preventing a babyAnaemicAlso have certain help effect.

2, orange: Contain in orangeVitamin CPledge with calcium more, Vitamin CThe flexibility that can enhance hemal wall and tenacity, prevent to bleed. The film inside the uterus after the puerpera gives birth to the child has bigger achieve a face, haemorrhage is more. If eat some of orange, can prevent to produce succeed add to bleed. Calcium is the important part that makes infantile skeleton tooth, the puerpera eats some of orange appropriately, what can carry a lying-in woman is galactic offer calcium to the baby character, can promote infantile tooth, skeletal growth not only so, and can prevent infantile happeningRachitic. Additional, tangerine nucleus, tangerine pith (the Bai Si on orange valve) have the effect that connect breast, canal of puerpera mammary gland is illogical when free, except can cause galactic outside decreasing, still can happenAcute mastitis, affect the feed to the baby. Eat orange to be able to avoid the happening of above phenomenon.

3, hawkthorn: Contain in hawkthorn rich vitamin and mineral, have fair nutrient value to the puerpera. Many hawkthorn acid still is contained in hawkthorn, CitricAcerbity, can promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty, medicinal powder Yu invigorate the circulation of blood. After the puerpera gives birth to the child excessive overworked, oftenInappetence, The mouth does glossal dry, appetite decreases, if eat some of hawkthorn appropriately, can aid digestion of stomachic, side, increase appetite, be helpful for the body rehabilitation and feed feed a baby. Additional, hawkthorn has medicinal powder action of Yu invigorate the circulation of blood, can eduction intrauterineYu blood, reduceBellyacke.


4, red jujube: Gong Zaozhong is containedVitamin CMost, still contain many dextrose and protein. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, red jujube is the best invigorator in the fruit, have fill gas of lienal vivid stomach, beneficial promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid, adjust hematic arteries and veins, reconcile the action of 100 poison, suit especially postpartumTaste is frail, the person edible of the inadequacy that enrage blood. Its smell is sweet, have a way varied, already goluptious chew eat raw, also can boil congee evaporate meal ripe eat.

5, longan: Longan calls longan again, it is a kind of fruit with extremely rich nutrition. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, longan flavour pleasant, sex is smooth, avirulent, enter lienal careful classics, to enrich the blood the beautiful fruit with lienal beneficial. Postpartum constitution weakling, eat some of fresh longan or dry longan meat appropriately, can fill already the gas of taste, can fill again painstaking care is inadequate.

(the exercitation edits: Zheng Yanjun)


Responsibility of society of enterprise of attention medical treatment – although travel road is difficult not Wei firm

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This is Beijing comes a few years almost a the hottest summer, what heat up however is weather not just, still enterprise of numerous medical treatment and NGO organize the enthusiasm that takes an active part in to enterprise society responsibility. On July 29, 2010, a lot of the CSR delegate that comes from enterprise of domestic and international medical treatment, market and chief of public concern branch and NGO organization delegate assemble in be in harmony to achieve transmission orgnaization ” action CSR ” magazine editorial office, exchange each view to enterprise society responsibility adequately, communication comes from each square result experience, discuss future to achieve transmission through be in harmony further such acting orgnaization has depth second collaboration.

The organization that serves as an activity square, be in harmony achieved transmission orgnaization to introduce ” action CSR ” the item of CSR of medical treatment domain that the magazine carries before, include a ceremony to come, Yang Sen, Asilikang, do obeisance to many well-known company such as ear to be in prevent moxa, the service project of the domain such as health of personage of the blind, physical disabilities, Mu Ying, what can see is, the CSR project of increasing enterprise was had but durative, distinguish gradually at before single item.

The person that attend the meeting shared the findings report of responsibility of society of enterprise of Chinese medical treatment that issues by group of task of research of responsibility of society of capital medicine profession together, the enterprise society responsibility that this report is Chinese medicine industry from the many levels such as rights and interests of safety of responsibility consciousness, quality, employee, environmental protection undertakes grading. Findings shows, most in many 160 medicine company that is surveyed enterprise pledges in the product the respect such as rights and interests of quantity, employee, environmental protection is compared relatively pay attention to; and still remain to rise in respect of consciousness of responsibility of stockholder liability, society. In level of enterprise society responsibility, the company that sets relevant section conciously still does not arrive to be investigated the half of the enterprise.

Clear stand is paid attention to communicate

Can see in the problem that represents from the NGO that attend the meeting, how does everybody all choose CSR project and NGO organization collaboration to show strong interest to the enterprise. The company cooperates with what NGO organizes, principal those who be faced with is footing problem, namely because enterprise and NGO are respective of footing different, bring about respective demand to nod existence difference thereby. This is brought about communicate in both sides in reaching executive process, because accuse the target that seeks difference to bring about everybody cannot be reached completely,agree, this phenomenon with respect to meeting occurrence out of time.

The person that the gentleman attends the meeting together above all shared the sectional manager Yuan Boyong that comes from branch of CSR of company of the medicine that do obeisance to ear to do obeisance to ear to reach the cooperative principle that organizes with NGO in the growing course of CSR domain.

2001, do obeisance to the project of the first CSR that ear company begins him program. And at that time, CSR still belongs to a burgeoning thing in China, the phase that everybody fumbles at, have the case that can draw lessons from hardly. Do obeisance to ear discovery, real problem is very bad have an appropriate enterprise society responsibility the project can be united in wedlock adequately with the business of the company, the project that then they chose to be driven relatively more apparently at that time, easily — AIDS prevents and cure. Just about after through preventing and cure in AIDS the project carries out period of time, did obeisance to ear to have the understanding of deeper administrative levels to enterprise society responsibility, also fumble the CSR that gives to fit oneself business pattern operates experience slowly, begin to intervene gradually other more as close together as strength of company business union project.

Yuan Boyong still introduces, NOG of the choice that do obeisance to ear or CSR partner, what should make an on-the-spot investigation above all currently is to see project itself whether can agree with the company strategy photograph of the company. Do obeisance to ear to think, no matter be to be in,did not come 5 years, still be 10 years inside 20 years, as long as can final reach with the company strategy that does obeisance to ear or market target consistent, can maintaining this is a good project. Although be in this process, need spends cost to search a few foundation or NGO organization, ability finds way correct, location is exact, communicate effective orgnaization, but must be experienced and this process is worth investment. After finding a partner through this kind of means, defray of necessity of one part blame will be economic come down, can support more and other items.

And it is the medical company with well-known whole world together — Nuo China pharmacy, the level is being fulfilled in enterprise society responsibility is more dedicated the project at enterprise itself domain, base oneself upon did a lot of aid to plan at the industry of oneself and major. The famouser Glenn that should belong to Nuo China company and China charity to always can cooperate defends global patient to help a project. In short, it is Nuohuatong cross China charity total meeting is free the leukaemia patient crowd to Chinese low income supplies drug, and this project already became China charity now total meeting is current the biggest beneficent project.

The delegate that comes from NGO organization also gave sufficient specification to this. Chairman of fund of angel of light of association of Chinese Red Cross Ms. Yang Fumei this year already year 70, she lives in the United States old, know very well American beneficent orgnaization run mode. Chairman Yang introduces, in the enterprise of current United States, there can be a beneficent unit normally below branch of its public relations, the company is met from annual among income, take out a per cent to be used technically at charities, and the enterprise can look for a few beneficent orgnaizations one case at the same time cooperate. Allocate funds certainly every year to NGO branch, this process is special delimit the scope of application of money of be apt to has special fund to assure to every year fixed plan can put into effect, even 10 years of Five-Year Plan, plans.

Look in Ms. Yang, the deepness cooperation of Chinese enterprise and NGO is at present less, each other are communicated with contact not be very much. Similar beautiful fund and one fund itself have the foundation of many capital to still still belong to minority, and the capital problem that fund of more careless root charity are facing special reality. If support of neither one capital serves as a foundation, foundation will be done very hard, if do, also be keep expenditures within the limits of income only do, is not the apiration according to beneficent orgnaization goes doing. On the other hand, charity had progress of advance rapidly ground nearly 10 years in home, more organizations, enterprise and youth had been participated in come in, this is a kind of welcome progress.

The guest that comes from hospital domain also expressed his view. Be in the Chen Zhongxuan that earths up hospital society to serve a ministry looks, NGO and foundation can have a few relatively radical ego misdirect sometimes on the thought, the expectation cost that can hold to the enterprise is exorbitant. She speaks of, “Organization of a lot of NGO is in self-awareness, wish the whole world becomes charity together with me! ” and the means of beneficent orgnaization, should be you are being done above all, you affect a flock of people slowly, you succeeded, not was necessary to importune others to be done together with you.

Chen Zhongxuan still thinks, as foundation, want institutional guiding above all and start others, when be communicated with the enterprise, should make clear oneself resource first, it is below the premise that understands company condition, plan and project adequately, undertake be communicationed effectively, be introducing him item adequately while, stimulate the latent capacity of the enterprise and idea, make both sides reach collaboration thereby. “Discussion society responsibility when, foundation should be shared with the enterprise more between the project, what can bring for them, I think this is the regulation with a the basiccest negotiation. “Chen Zhongxuan is told.

Meet the undersecretary of propaganda department as Chinese disabled welfare fund, xu Bin Bin also expressed his view, think NGO organization should design cooperative project jointly with the enterprise, is not to will work be put in mainly explain to public what do I need, hope to get contributing adding thereby. The enterprise has his CSR concept, the project of NGO should be united in wedlock with its concept photograph, try hard together, ability can suffer numerous group to provide the professional service that needs more with be being mixed for the enterprise.

International aids incomplete to organize Li Gong of supportive department inspector general to think: Cooperate with the enterprise, it is the major that should have done oneself above all, this is base oneself upon this, and when cooperating with the enterprise, also want to value the option of the enterprise. International helps incomplete organization, it is one him one or two fixed position is long-term development model commonweal organization. Look in her, a mature company, should be bring into social responsibility to the enterprise to develop the strategy in. And social responsibility cent is 3 parts, government, enterprise and folk serve an orgnaization. In Chinese charities, government and enterprise hold the position of the mainstream, a few folk serve an orgnaization to still show their part without complete protruding. Folk serves the action of existence to complement namely. Because governmental policy cannot be enclothed temporarily,complement, the enterprise does not have the segment that ability makes again. And the policy that NGO organization can be combined and uses a government, and the resource of the enterprise covers group of target weak force better.

Beijing brilliance foundation, be subordinate to attributes the fund that an enterprise manages oneself, this foundation is paid attention to very much independent character and professional. Its do poineering work Qi of thunder of ministry project officer rises in memory when with the enterprise unsuccessful cooperates, speak of, he thinks unsuccessful reason is the enterprise is respected not quite to foundation, persist one’s old ways. In light of the experience with Lei Qi, the mutual respect between enterprise and NGO, mutual trust also is a very important when can close to geminate Fang Shunli cooperates.

Move employee, participating in again

After everybody elaborated him simply to be in orgnaization, enterprise how to serve CSR field severally, everybody also spoke of the problem that the interest that how will move employee takes an active part in thereby. This also is the topic that everybody is interested in quite.

Yang Fumei of chairman of brilliance angel fund introduces, the enterprise of general United States can start all employee to do justice work to beneficent mechanism, the bright dispatch company that serves before Ms. Yang, one of their CSR projects help an orphanage in new York namely, each staff of company is in a week among 7 days, must acceptance serves in orphanage 4, 6 hours. Ms. Yang her lady can be in every week 5 evening go up orphanage, the children that accompany orphanage play together, take care of child child people have a meal, bathe, taletelling, sleep. Such activity resembles own job same, attribute the one part of company staff, , as a result of,do not meet individual one of these day the mood is good go, the mood is bad to do not go. Ms. Yang thinks to had not caused a kind of such enthusiasm in China, a kind of such responsibility, be in China to still can experience process of a development.


Yi Mei of commissioner of responsibility of society of enterprise of Nuo China China thinks, the CSR of the enterprise is very necessary to the guiding of employee. Nuo China pharmacy is very a lot of projects, much moment is mixed to a few contribution of the society besides attention project itself beyond the opinion, still meet those who consider employee participate in. Nuo China offers the holiday that take salary for company staff, it is to encourage everybody to do CSR activity. Yi Mei still says, “Nuohuahui considers to be able to be employee to offer more ways through what form, attend to compare good CSR project socially, make them OK send from the heart go doing, need a kind of affirmatory responsibility, this is a direction that we did not come to. This is a direction that we did not come to..

2009, regard enterprise CSR as the one part of the project, nuo China began exchange to lay a plan. Namely Sichuan the surroundings that the filial exchange of the employee of child He Nuohua of remote region school experiences each other. The life two weeks, the children of employee lives inside family of child of local rural area. The employee of Beijing, the child that is bringing these to come from a country goes museum, beijing University, go even new east attends class. These concrete project details developed the train of thought of the person that attend the meeting likewise.

Look in Yi Mei, this word compares the love that we say at ordinary times big, heavier, either 9 action can explain. But the activity that love can organize because of the enterprise is aroused, so Nuo China designed so relevant project, let company staff undertake be participationed on the spot, OK bona fide is experienced, the job henceforth and life also meet this pair of employee have profit greatly.


The rehabilitation of postpartum food 9 laws

Because postpartum woman is many exsanguine, often cause gas blood two empty, and appear galactic inadequacy, bigConstipationKnot, Deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by itPut oneself in another’s position is weak, Giddy, Lack of power, postpartum evenBellyacke, gloomy and cold, sexual life not the municipality directly under the Central Government, the influence lives normally, if pair of disease can be adopted to enter on food,fill, can make be like,the puerpera recovers at an early date first.

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Hawkthorn boils congee: Take hawkthorn 15 grams, rice 60 grams, brown sugar 10 grams. Add hawkthorn water decoction to take concentrated juice to join rice first, red candy becomes congee edible. Have appetizing disappear to feed, invigorate the circulation of blood changes the effect of Yu, appropriate at postpartumLochiaEndless, abdomen is aching, InappetenceWait for ill beautiful.

Congee of the seed of Oriental arborvitae: Bai Zi 15 grams, rice 50 grams, slow fire boils congee, honey is added before edible 15 grams, daily cent second take, can install hematic repose. BigConstipationKnot, InsomniaMuch dreamPerson applicable.

Crucian carp fish burns the stem pith of the rice-paper plant: Fish of vivid crucian carp one end (100-120 overcomes) , the stem pith of the rice-paper plant 10 grams, go to crucian carp fish scale and splanchnic, abluent, add water to boil to crucian carp fish simultaneously with the stem pith of the rice-paper plant ripe sodden, eat a fish to drink boiling water,

Pig hoof very light blue boils bean curd: Pig hoof, very light blue 2, bean curd 60 grams, yellow rice or millet wine 30 milliliter, pig hoof abluent incision, with very light blue, bean curd is put together water is added inside arenaceous boiler right amount, slow fire boils 30 minutes, enter yellow rice or millet wine again, join quantity salt, can leave breed, or the seed of cowherb 15 grams, pig hoof 2, stew together, edible of water boiling water, apply toThe breast bilges painful, Liver gloomy stagnation of the circulation of vital energy, galactic the person that be illogical.

Angelica is unripeGingerHotpot soup: Angelica 15 grams, ginger 15 grams, hotpot 250 grams, cut hotpot small, with angelica, ginger is put into porcelain canister, add water 500 milliliter, use flourishing fire to stew to hotpot ripe the edible after rotting, use after the puerpera labors, alvine ache continuously.

Longan flesh boils congee: Longan 15 grams, red jujube 15 grams, rice 50-100 overcomes the congee that boil one case, add brown sugar a few to flavor, daily take 2 times, can calm the nerves raise a heart, be good at lienal enrich the blood, apply to postpartumAnaemic, PalpitationInsomnia, constitutional empty weak.

The tuber of multiflower knotweed boils congee: The tuber of multiflower knotweed 30 grams, red jujube 15, rice 50-100 is overcome, take fry in shallow oil of the tuber of multiflower knotweed concentrated juice to go first broken bits. Rice, red jujube enters arenaceous boiler together inside, slow fire boils congee, will stiff when put candy touch, after dissolving can edible, daily take 2 times, can fill gas blood, beneficial liver kidney, apply to postpartum deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it, SwimmyTinnitus, lumbar genu ache, defecate dry and hard, the hair is sparse.


Black agaric boils congee: Black agaric 15 grams, red jujube 15, rice 50-100 is overcome, black agaric is used lukewarmBlebHair is abluent, 3 person boil along with all the others boil congee, put rock candy or brown sugar. Day is taken 2 times, can beneficial heart enrichs the blood, apply to postpartum and exsanguine more, GiddyDazzled, lipBai JiaWeak, complexion is hoar, TrichomadesisPatient.

Brazilwood motherwort Bao duck’s egg: Brazilwood 9 grams, motherwort 30 grams, green skin duck’s egg 2, add 3 flavor water to be boiled together, the hull after waiting for duck’s egg to thoroughly cook boils 2-3 again minute, drink soup to eat an egg, use at postpartumBellyackeWait for disease.

(the exercitation edits: Zheng Yanjun)


Do a female to hold healthy meeting accordingly very simple

 1, abandonClean addiction.

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Exquisite sanitation is very important, but excessive and clean can abate human body is right bacterial susceptibility, make bacterium of go to the bad is in instead bodyInsideBreed wantonly.

  2, be far from carbonic acid.

Beverage of beverage carbonic acid can affect the human body absorption to calcium, bring aboutOsteoporosisWith other and skeletal problem.

3, takeFolic acid.

Folic acid is one of 6 kinds of material that the female needs most, during be pregnant, devoid folic acid can bring about an embryoDisease of occurrence a priori. Absorb enough folic acid to be able to prevent the retina that concerns with the age to degrade.

4, not too thin.

Too poor woman may be pregnant not easily, suffer from more easily at the same timeOsteoporosis.

Although cannot too thin, but also should be careful flesh of abdominal go to live in the household of one’s in-laws on getting married, the abdominal likelihood of overstaffed hides healthy hidden trouble, yesOvarian cancerA augural, so, to abdominal go to live in the household of one’s in-laws on getting married the flesh must add an attention more.

  5, do not smoke.

Smoking female suffers fromPalace neck cancerprobability is not to smoke double the female’s.

  6, bask.

Much bursa sex is ovarian and other the disease that controls oviposit is considered as bring about nowThe female is infecundthe commonnest cause. Undertake through vitamin DCureConduce to precaution afore-mentioned diseases. The main source of vitamin D is sunshine. But do not bask in sunbathe, can walk at least 20 minutes below sunshine everyday.

7, eat banana more.

The middleaged female of 1/4 suffers fromDepressed diseaseWith other psychology disease, among them a reason is to lack amino acid —Lubricious ammonia is acerbity, we can get lubricious ammonia sick at heart from inside food only, coagulate especially cheese, plum and banana.

8, early unripe child.

The female should give birth to the child before in 30 years old, this can be reduced suffer fromBreast cancerodds.

   9, insist to take exercise.

Often undertake the body takes exercise (if lift dumbbell) can enhance body muscle power, avoid backAching, make a figure more coquettish.


10, the sexual life that carries the law.

Often experience a genderClimaxthe female can make them look than be the same as age person is young 6 years old. Sexual life still can enhance immune power.

(responsibility edits: Field trip of Xu dawn world edits: Jiang Wenyuan)


These 3 kinds of behavior endanger the female bosom

RadicalReduce weightMeans can make adipose organization decreases quickly, those who remain is flabby onlyThe skin, consider the person that reduce weight, for a pair of beautiful breasts, also should successive ground edible a kind appropriate andNutritionRich food.

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Cross close or not fit articleBosomGo against a breast.

Want to obtain a pair of full breasts, appropriate bra is absolutely and important, because mammary skin is extremely easy,be pulled so that lose flexibility by mammary weight. Those bosom lesser and the person that does not like to wear a bra, when pursueing violent campaign at least, should wear a bra to protect a breast.


Overmuch sunshine in principle is harmful to bosom.

Mammary skin and facial ministry skin are euqally sensitive, meeting byYu YangSmooth illuminate and become quickly ugly. The result produces petty furrow between the breast namely, and be inNeckThe skin area of bosom above produces splash under the ministry. Accordingly, go down to sunshine when you, should contain on besmear prevent those who bask in composition very high bask in frost.

(responsibility edits: Xu Xiaoyu)


Bust bodice misapplication is careful ” bust bodice is asked for integratedly “

Cervical vertebra of small ferret menace

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The reporter discovers in interview, inOrthopaedicsOutpatient serviceOften a few young women recount her humeral ministry is unwell, especially shoulderBack ache, The bosom is frowsty, Giddy, neck ministry rotates from time to tome acanthesthesia. And the shoulder of examination much discovery, ageing that carries local muscle on the back to have different rate.

This kind of symptom is clinical admiral ” bust bodice is asked for integratedly ” . Cause ” bust bodice is asked for integratedly ” because use the bust bodice of tape type or bust bodice dimension for a long time to slant,be small apparel to be caused too closely. Such bust bodice makes the skin seemed to wear a fine iron wire, when human body when successive activity, muscle of ministry of upper limbs shoulder moves ceaselessly, and bust bodice is in the very little scope of skinInsideChafe often, time grew, can make these muscle excessiveFatigue, BloodCircular obstacle and produce ageing.

ThisOutside, somebody for beautiful still can have bought close bra, cause very easily also to wind so oppressive, cause an effect to heart lungs function, hurried of frowsty, gas breathes generation bosom not free. Pass to be able to be sent closelyMammary gland hyperplasia. According to introducing, besides ” bust bodice is asked for integratedly ” outside, improper bust bodice still can be brought aboutMammary glandDisease.

Bust bodice is the female’s closest friend, it makes feminine curve more plump, posture is more moving. However, this friend is in probably also imperceptible in invite the upper part of the body of your ask for trouble. The expert points out the breast should be inYu JingStop condition, too small or those who cross big bust bodice to go against a breast is healthy.

Cervical vertebra of small ferret menace

There often are a few young women to recount her in orthopaedics outpatient service humeral ministry is unwell, especially humeral back ache, bosom ministry of frowsty, giddy, neck rotates from time to tome acanthesthesia. And the shoulder of examination much discovery, ageing that carries local muscle on the back to have different rate. This kind of symptom is clinical admiral ” bust bodice is asked for integratedly ” .

Cause ” bust bodice is asked for integratedly ” because use the bust bodice of tape type or bust bodice dimension for a long time to slant,be small apparel to be caused too closely. Such bust bodice makes the skin seemed to wear a fine iron wire, when human body when successive activity, muscle of ministry of upper limbs shoulder moves ceaselessly, and bust bodice criterion chafes often, time grew, can make these muscle excessive and fatigue, haemal circulation obstacle and produce ageing.

In addition, somebody for beautiful still can have bought close bra, cause very easily also to wind so oppressive, cause an effect to heart lungs function, hurried of frowsty, gas breathes generation bosom not free.

Pass to be able to cause mammary gland proliferation closely

According to introducing, besides ” bust bodice is asked for integratedly ” outside, improper bust bodice still can cause mammary gland disease. There are rich blood-vessel, lymphatic and nerve on the breast, having nutrition and metabolic effect to mammary gland.

“If bust bodice is too small,issue surrounded steel to encircle the word that tightens very forcedly again especially, with respect to meeting influence blood circulates and furnish, cause a breast to be short of blood, convulsion, cause mammary gland proliferation. And mammary gland hyperplasia and mammary gland fibroma andBreast cancerHave particular concern. Have particular concern..

On the other hand, when bust bodice is too big, the breast can fluctuate inside activity, also can cause mammary gland proliferation likewise so. In addition, consider to show, improper bust bodice still can arise sunken, mammary gland jams inside the tit reach a breastAchingEtc. “The breast had better be in static condition, so, appropriate bust bodice is very important. Appropriate bust bodice is very important..

The choose and buy adorns fit and comfortable

The bust bodice sort on the market is various now, full of beautiful things in eyes, the design is starting point with vogue more. However, li Shuangying reminds, the main effect of bust bodice is prop up and protect a breast, accordingly, mix in the choose and buy when adorning must with fit, comfortable (wrap a breast closely namely, but do not feel oppressive, also do not feel flabby) for the principle.

Answer above all the figure according to oneself, choose the bust bodice that size suits; Condole belt should have certain breadth, when appareling, should not be too close; The material of bust bodice should choose delicate cloth, unfavorable add buckram, lest abrade tit. “In addition, solution answers to go when sleeping bust bodice, make bosom gets relaxation. Make bosom gets relaxation..


To young woman, adorn fine the bust bodice of braces type, can appear gentle and graceful and healthy, but often should change the position that condole belt adorns. And after be pregnant littleFu, criterion the bust bodice that appropriate wears wide braces degree of tightness to freely, be helpful for development of pregnant woman mammary gland and the preparation that had made postpartum secrete breast so.

The primipara inside a month after childbirth, appropriate wears vest type bust bodice, be in in order to facilitate ” in confinement ” lactation; Child after full moon, answer the bust bodice of type of instead wide braces, can raise already so hold a breast in the palm, go to the lavatory again continue to be nursed to the child.

(responsibility edits: Xu Xiaoyu)


Wear high-heeled shoes to you also can hurt lumbar?

What high-heeled shoes causes more is chronicOrthopaedicsDisease, discover hard inside patient short time, be ignored more easily also, the woman that loves the United States had better learn to choose to suit her high-heeled shoes, ability avoids to harm.

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Wear high-heeled shoes for long tired bad lumbar

Wear high-heeled shoes to you also can hurt lumbar? As we have learned, most female knows to wear high-heeled shoes for long to be able to affect crural ministry health, do not know lumbar strain to also have high-heeled shoes however ” contribution ” . DoctorExplanation, after the schoolgirl puts on high-heeled shoes, calcaneal block up, human body tilts backward only, ability assures the balance of the body, namely ideal holds out schoolgirls mediumly bosom, Carry buttockWith the result that receives an abdomen. Wore high-heeled shoes, human body centre of gravity is forced to go up move to the waist, lumbar small joint and articulatory bursa are inNervousCondition, go down for a long time incidentalStrain of lumbar muscles, cause lumbago. Heel is higher, the time that wear is longer, develop possibly to finallyInterverbebral disc is outstanding, Bone hyperplasiaWait for disease.


Slope also hides with the shoe hidden trouble

For vogue and healthy give attention to two or morethings, a lot of females chose slope to follow shoe or the high-heeled shoes that have waterproof station, the feeling is done not have on foot so painstaking, think to also won’t have what health hidden trouble. However, in normal person is walking and moving, the ankle arises easily to retroflexion upcountry force, of the shoe outside side always is most firstWear away, the person’s oneself also is adjusting this kind to retroflexion ceaselessly force, in order to maintain a balance. But after putting on slope to follow shoe or the high-heeled shoes that have waterproof station, adjust ability to be met abate, easy sprain foot, heel is higher, the potential energy that retroflexions upcountry is bigger, get hurt degree is heavier also. When reach of human body centre of gravity, can overmuch ground presses systemic weight on chela palm centrally, phalange is met the burden is accordingly overweight and coarsen, what this affected joint not only is agile, and cause phalange likelyFracture.

(responsibility edits: Xu Xiaoyu)

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