The green tea of black tea of effect of preserve one’s health of 6 kinds of tea differs each _ cate the world

The green tea of black tea of effect of preserve one’s health of 6 kinds of tea differs each

2016-09-28 16:49:55

A lot of people like to drink tea preserve one’s health, did not choose right appropriate oneself tea is planted, can browbeat instead healthy. Understand ” 6 kinds of tea ” effect of preserve one’s health, according to oneself demand, clear hot detoxify, tepid raise a stomach, reduce weight or go fat, the choice is right your tea breed. Understand of all kinds tea together.

Green tea is cool and refreshing the poison that solve heat

Compare with other tea photograph, a lot of composition in green tea got better reservation, constant drink has the effect of clear hot detoxify. Empty heat, inside pathological changes of fire, inflammation and disease of enteron bowel path (be like enteritis, dysenteric etc) person, relatively appropriate is drinkable green tea. Water of green tea strong bubble is warm not too tall, 80 ℃ , 90 ℃ can, white tea, Huang Chaye is similar.

Black tea is tepid benefit raises a stomach

Black tea is belonged to ferment completely tea kind. Differ apparently with green tea, black tea has tepid character. Constitution of cold cool sex (Xu Han, inside cold) or enteron stomach trouble (wait like cankerous disease, chronic gastritis) person, relatively appropriate is drinkable black tea. Black tea, black tea, green tea need to develop bubble with boiling water high temperature.

Dragon of green tea black can reduce weight

Oolong (green tea kind) belong to ferment partly tea kind, be known as ” slender tea ” , ” hairdressing tea ” etc. Clinical trial proves Japan, oolong can be reduced significantly cholesterol and reduce weight.

Er of black tea general goes fat

Black tea belongs to late ferment tea kind. Pu’er tea has go goodly effect of fat, eupeptic. The French loves it especially, say for ” blow tea-oil tree ” . France ever had a test: Drink 3 cups of Pu’er tea everyday each, after a month, a lot of people reduced weight, reduced hematic fat.

White tea prevents dental caries

White tea is belonged to slight ferment tea kind, have commonly ” silver-colored needle of fine long hair ” , ” Shou Mei ” , ” white peony ” etc. The United States considers to show, the bacteriolysis that Bai Chake increases airframe is enzymatic, can make splitting decomposition of bacterial cell wall and death. White tea returns the infection such as pneumonic to precaution, dental caries very effective.

Yellow tea moderate can be drunk

Tea is belonged to light ferment tea kind, its machine degree to be on green tea and black tea between, have the feature of soup of yellow Xie Huang to bubble hind, have commonly ” Jun Shanyin needle ” , ” the Huang Ya that cheat a top ” , ” tea of Huo Shan pieplant ” etc. As cool and refreshing as green tea with black tea tepid sexual taste appearance is compared, yellow tea kind sexual flavour feature is on both between, everyman suits almost.


Does mistake of 7 big common food have a meal every day didn’t you eat right? _ cate the world

Does mistake of 7 big common food have a meal every day didn’t you eat right?

2016-09-26 14:20:29

As senior ” take money ” , we are eating every day eat, can you eat after all was opposite? Alleged ” get ill by the mouth ” , present a lot of diseases can be ” eat ” come out. It is meddlesome that love eats, but eat incorrectly, the body can want to meet with blame, fast contrast below error of the commonnest 7 big food, must not do ” nutrient blind ” .

Defend a committee of planning newest the data that publish shows, our country overweights fat crowd increase sharply, hypertensive, diabetic incidence of a disease is higher and higher. Must say, these disease follow ” eat ” having affinity. Of the standard of living as people rise quickly, the cate that adds China is famed at the world, compatriots more and more pursuit ” on the tip of the tongue delicate ” . But a lot of people still do not pay attention to nutrition prandial, the domestic food of scrutiny China, put generally in dietary problem.

“Eat ” the position with having quite significant in daily life of the Chinese, but eat the enough health that should eat, refuse ” get ill by the mouth ” . The 7 big food that food of law court of the state in summary makes the most easily are wrong, will quickly look is your home.

3 eat of NO.1 are tie-in unreasonable, breakfast does not eat night to add meat

Breakfast breed is onefold, eat a dot to deal with casually do not eat even. Buy snack to eat box meal midday, perhaps go out to dine together. In the evening engorge, perhaps eat a fruit only. Meat is added before sleeping again… this is very much nowadays person a day the true portraiture of 3 eat.

However, when should eating hungry abdomen, when ought not to eating, eat and drink too much unluckily, cause digestion disease easily, bring about fat and a variety of chronic. Having breakfast everyday is a kind of healthy lifestyle that wholesome organization advocates.


Breakfast quality wants tall: Have staple food (biscuit, congee) with at least two kinds of protein food () of egg, grandma, flesh, bean products, at least one kind of vegetable fruit, had better eat bit of nut.

The measure of lunch is adequate: Staple food and vegetable should take enough, the breed that feed capable person as far as possible much.

Dinner energy is a bit lower: Make up for as far as possible mix in the morning did not eat midday or did not eat enough food, for instance vegetable, food grains other than wheat and rice is mixed potato kind.

Food taken late at night does not take as far as possible before sleeping: If need to add meat because of the job, can eat in hour of the 1~2 before sleeping, first selection milk, fruit, or hot noodles in soup, congee kind wait for food.


Small cucumber of cold and dressed with sause


Orange a week does not take _ cate the world more than 3 times

Orange a week does not eat more than 3 times

2013-11-13 10:49:11

Guide language: According to Russia ” healthy life ” net on October 31 message, british scholar considers to say, orange may be caused to the health of young woman damage.

British scholar last a period of time 22 years, undertake study the analysis is late showing in the light of 78 thousand females, orange may damage cadre system of the female, especially young woman. The possibility that loves to eat the person of orange to suffer from bone to organize inflammation should compare someone else tower above 41% . And the tooth is damaged possibly also.

However, orange won’t produce this kind of effect to the male however.

To avoid the harm of pair of skeleton that may appear, study scholars suggest female a week eats orange to had better not exceed 3 times.

Orange a week does not eat more than 3 times


Firecracker injury eye is not kneaded brush rampage to wash _ cate the world

Firecracker injury eye is not kneaded brush rampage to wash

2012-02-07 12:51:32

Core clew: If scamper hurts an eye, must not go kneading brush and rinse in disorder, because firework cracker injury has injury of a few burst, if use force, the meeting inside the eye is caused damage.

Somebody is burned when scamper is hurt, should check vibrissa to have above all without scorch, if be scorched, respiratory tract of possible meeting burn, if tell a doctor not in time, it is difficult to may produce lobar oedema to cause breath.

Want additionally to notice to have burn paste to change without eyelash roll, if have likely burn eyeball, this all should tell a doctor in time when see a doctor.

Spend the New Year eye of firecracker blast injury is not kneaded brush rampage to wash

If scamper hurts an eye, must not go kneading brush and rinse in disorder, because firework cracker injury has injury of a few burst, if use force, the meeting inside the eye is caused damage. When rinse, the patient is in very when aching, go rinsing, was to bring to bear on pressure, the likelihood takes a few pathogenic bacteria. Best method is with the fastest speed cross-eye eyeball makes a few cover a little, take recent hospital, according to the diagnosis of medical personnel, treat a method certainly.

Hand ministry blast hurts the urgent processing that reachs burn

1, table of place of the injury that be like scamper is simple, haemorrhage is not much, cleared after simple table eyewinker, use clean cloth instantly piece give wrap up, and drive up suffers from limb (had held high heart) .

2, the ministry that be like a hand or area of injury of sufficient ministry blast are larger, blood stream is more than, answer to press the upper part of haemorrhage place quickly with the hand, or the upper part that ties haemorrhage place with oak leather belt or thick list, break blood to carry with block and hemostatic. But should notice every other 20-30 minute will hemostatic belt loosens a few minutes, lest cause limbs,be short of courage and uprightness necrotic.

3, if scamper hurts an area big, haemorrhage is more than, answer to undertake with clean gauze or clean cotton goods local ram pressurization wraps up instantly, avoid by all means is local powder of ram charcoal end, Chinese herbal medicine.

Spend the New Year eye of firecracker blast injury is not kneaded brush rampage to wash

4, the person that let is quiet smooth lie, nearby sends a hospital cure.

Burn: Drop in temperature, Shi Fu, wrap up, fluid infusion

1, if burn place skin is still complete, should as soon as possible local drop in temperature, deal with burn to make an appointment with 10 minutes at be being rinsed below faucet for instance.

2, if the skin already was burned out, with clean cushion enclothes his to go up to be in in order to protect an injury, avoid by all means is local daub soy, plant ash or mercurochrome, gentian violet.

3, when the injury is in strut, want take out watch, bracelet, ring to wait, secure gently with dressing wrap up.

4, the person that clear, mouth doing bears consciousness hard, should encourage water boiled water, had better be weak brine, avoid by all means drinks beverage of high in syrup and thick boiled water.

5, send a hospital in time further treatment.


Detailed solution: The world of knowledge _ cate of chicken broth is boiled in the home

Detailed solution: The knowledge of chicken broth is boiled in the home

2012-02-07 12:50:08

Chicken broth is delicious nutrition is tall, and have fight fatigue hairdressing to raise colour effect, get all the time of people love. Now everybody economic atmosphere is good, no matter go out,so repast still is oneself fete, always like to come a chicken broth. But how do you know chicken broth is stewed most is nutrition delicate? Have a person not to suit to drink chicken broth? Taking these issues, with small make up what learn chicken broth together to stew a law!

Detailed solution: The knowledge of chicken broth is boiled in the home

Very may much person thinks, it is good to do chicken broth to want pure place, put chicken into water bowl to boil, OK, no more than adds a few condiment and salt again. Little imagine, the chicken broth that boil is to have cultured very much, if a few measure are conversed wrong perhaps, the chicken broth that often boils is tasteless, and meeting prediction of a person’s luck in a given year element of a few nutrition. Boil chicken broth to want when to notice:

(1) slaughters vivid chicken to eat aspic chicken

Nature of the chicken that buy work need not say, basically be to assure fleshy flavour delicious.

But after bright chicken is bought, should put freezer freezer compartment to freeze 3 hours left and right sides takes defrost to boil boiling water again first. So do, the principle that follows the flesh that discharge acid is identical. When the animal is killed abruptly, the meeting inside body releases a variety of toxin naturally; And be killed newly gallinaceous temperature compares appropriate bacterium breed, at this moment refrigerant, already can antiseptic, can let chicken again from ” rigid period ” transfer naturally ” autumn ” , such chicken meat just is best character, the soup taste that makes just is met more delicious.

Detailed solution: The knowledge of chicken broth is boiled in the home

(The step with necessary 2) : Flying water

Dietetics considers to make clear, any flesh kind before stew, should will advocate makings boil inside boiled water, such not only can take out gives birth to fishy smell, also be thoroughly clean flesh kind process, can make stew the Shang Qing that go out cool and not cloudy, delicacy is sweet and flavour of as good as, this process is called flying water.

Flying water also has skill, if be the cold water flesh that boil, arrive from cold water boil, fleshy nutrition is met serious prediction of a person’s luck in a given year. Optimum in boiler of warm water nowadays, boil next 7 to 8 minutes, in boiled process, flip through timelily fleshy piece. Of course, the boiler below boiled water is OK also, boil 3 to 5 minutes can.

Detailed solution: The knowledge of chicken broth is boiled in the home

(3) stew begins, aquatic and fervent

After flying water ends, should develop cool flesh with cold water immediately piece, put person boiler stew again.

Because of stew optimum cold water leaves boiler, as water lukewarm lift slowly, raw material can release a nutrition adequately, be the same as lukewarm raw material to be able to boil a good taste more with water.


“Chaffy dish syndrome ” cause the world of gouty _ cate easily

“Chaffy dish syndrome ” cause gout easily

2012-02-07 12:38:47

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“Chaffy dish syndrome ” cause gout easily

People surrounds furnace small sit, carouse of to one’s heart’s content, enjoy chaffy dish while, often after meeting general is cast to the head by the disease that have chaffy dish and causes, if mucous membrane of verminosis, oral cavity is damaged,wait. Since this year, as people opposite rinse this kind eats the zealous degree of the law to grow day and day, the gouty affection that returns not very good hair before a few years ” eat ” became common disease.

Gouty disease follows a chaffy dish be current and ” lean mad make unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease ” , shanghai some hospital ever received the acute gout that treated several to be caused because of having chaffy dish namely inside a day case of illness of sexual joint fit. Face the cate lover of scramble for sth, the doctor reminds: Still be the old saying says well, “Get ill by the mouth ” , chaffy dish is delicious really, but the principle must is with health when eating this kind of traditional cate.

"Chaffy dish syndrome " cause gout easily

“Purine ” bring about ” gouty “

Besides the element such as constitution, exhaustion, seafood, pluck, dawdle and wine are those who cause gouty disease ” culprit ” . Because bring delicious olfactory ” purine ” human body cannot bear too much, and it causes gouty disease namely ” chief culprit ” .

Concerned expert says, if pass much ” purine ” cannot outside eduction body, uric acid can be in blood deposit, gouty disease is caused accordingly. Indescribable toe often is when rising first ” twist ” injury, appear repeatedly red ache, if cannot get control, uric acid can cause joint to be out of shape further, till the kidney is damaged, the function fails.

Gout is belonged to ” riches and honour is ill ” , in the patient 85% fat. Current, gouty ill patient is income more tall, motion the white-collar office worker with little, much dinner party, come on the age arrives ahead of schedule later from 50 years old previously current 30 years old or so, often be to be in after luxurious seafood banquet, the following day early morning comes on suddenly. From 20 centuries 80 time begin to be common disease be the gouty disease of our country by infrequent pathological changes.

At present can affirmatory is, seafood, flesh kind, pluck, dawdle, wine, strong tea and coffee are contained ” purine ” more, need is abstemious. Many people think by accident ” do not eat the flesh to drink boiling water only ” the circumstance will be better, but because ” purine ” can fall off adequately long stewed Shang Zhong, so gouty disease often is in all sorts of boiler, Bao kind the season that dish heat sells is sent high.
3 delicacy not eat Ning She too very hot

After entering a winter every year, because of believe in ” one heat is become 3 delicacy ” chaffy dish culture, a few people of patient of oral cavity disease are swift and violent also increase, than ever many 15% above.

The oral cavity disease that has chaffy dish to cause basically is concerned with oral cavity mucous membrane. Because the temperature of chaffy dish hoosh can be as high as 120 ℃ , take out the word that takes namely, iron the mucous membrane of ministry of cut antrum, tongue, esophagus and stomach very easily. A few have the person of recrudescent sex aphtha originally, after having chaffy dish easy get angry, unripe opportunity of its aphtha hair because this many several times, symptom of occurrence accentuation of inflammation of mucous membrane of oral cavity of former perhaps some. Relapse so, still can cause esophagus canceration.

The most dangerous is the person of the pathological changes before those contract the cancer such as blaze of oral cavity mucous membrane or tinea of compressed liver mosses, the stimulation of the high temperature of chaffy dish and condiment, can make these illnesses aggravating. So, have chaffy dish never impatient, best can accomplish ” abandon 3 delicacy rather, not too very hot ” .

Do not do helminth ” host “

Shanghai disease precaution controls introduction of division of central verminosis prevention and cure, arrived 4 years of 1998 1995, shanghai affects the patient of lung fluke to show the sign that year after year rises, the reason gives birth to fierce seafood be current in those days namely, parasitism took the chance to change human body in the lung fluke inside the sea product system such as shrimp crab inside. After 1998, unripe fierce seafood no longer be current, the lung fluke patient of Shanghai also decreases point-blank.

Show according to data, in recent years, suffer from because of eating feculent pork on cysticercus was occupied illy 70% , because of eating feculent shrimp crab infection lung fluke is occupied illy 20% .

So, when having chaffy dish, must cut the flesh much thin, more very hot, vegetable wants to be rinsed more, and had better be buy chaffy dish to use to big market, food market makings, because the flesh of these places, fish, dish is in,safe check has safeguard more on epidemic disease.

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How the world of cate of _ of meal of scientific edible of the previous night

How meal of scientific edible of the previous night

2012-02-07 12:30:14

It is traditional goodness of the Chinese sparely, taking course of of the previous night so is a very common thing it seems that, little imagine, dish of of the previous night not only nutrient prediction of a person’s luck in a given year is serious, and the material that still can produce to have a harm to the body. Wanting those who remind everybody is, vegetable of of the previous night, seafood does not eat, the flesh kind when edible must steam heat is squashy, in case food stores time is long, putrefaction, bring about bromatoxism.

How meal of scientific edible of the previous night

Dish of leaf of of the previous night is unfavorable eat

Allegedly, incidence of a disease of cancer of the stomach is low, concern with the habit that does not have vegetable of of the previous night. As a result of partial greenery kind more nitric acid salt is contained in vegetable kind, after thoroughlying cook if place time is too long, below bacterial catabolism, nitric acid salt is met reductive into nitrite, have the effect that cause cancer, heat also cannot purify.

Health has a way: Normally cauline leaf kind content of salt of vegetable nitric acid is highest, melon kind vegetable is a bit low, rhizome kind with beautiful dish kind be placed in the middle. Accordingly, if bought the vegetable of different sort at the same time, should have cauline part of a historical period first kind, for instance Chinese cabbage, spinach. If prepare to do a few dish to heating up eating word the following day more, should make cauline page less as far as possible kind vegetable, and choose melon kind vegetable.

Shang Cunfang of of the previous night has exquisite

A lot of people like Bao boiling water, the Shang Fang that does not drink enters freezer in, boil the following day boiled to be drunk again. Is soup of this kind of of the previous night good to the body?

Health has a way: Saving a method best is the flavoring that saline and so on does not put by soup, boil good soup to use clean ladle spoon to go out to wanted to drink that day, do not drink, had better be to use made of baked clay boiler to deposit in freezer. Because remnant soup is filled for long,be inside aluminous boiler, stainless steel boiler, send unripe chemical response easily, ying Chengfang is in glass or household utensils of pottery and porcelain.


Fresh tangerine skin do not use the world of cate of _ of wine of make tea bubble

Fresh tangerine skin do not use wine of make tea bubble

2012-02-07 12:26:54

This wanting that drink with make tea of dried tangerine or orange peel come clear fire, drink however have loose bowels. A few days ago, mr Chen of scratch one’s head over sees a doctor to the hospital in Hubei province, be in from personal fault so ” skin of will bright tangerine regarded as dried tangerine or orange peel ” .

Fresh tangerine skin do not use wine of make tea bubble

Mr Chen says, a lot of orange were bought a few days ago in the home, hear water of acting tea of water of bubble of dried tangerine or orange peel can be clear thermalization is phlegmy, the tangerine skin gather up that will take surplus comes, after air is basked in a few times everyday make tea is drinkable, unexpectedly because of this have loose bowels. He thinks was to suffer cool.

Hubei saves Zhang Yuejun of apothecary of director of division of drug of courtyard of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine to explain: The ability after bright tangerine skin passes air n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine is dried tangerine or orange peel, orange skin Chen Deyue is long better, should place commonly lie between the reoccupy after year. Dried tangerine or orange peel serves as blindly regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it, be good at stomach, expectorant commonly used Chinese traditional medicine, with drink of its make tea, really can clear thermalization is phlegmy. Water of bubble of skin of the orange that use delicacy differred, because naphtha is contained in bright tangerine skin more,

This courtyard digests medical plum day to hope to teach an analysis, fresh tangerine skin stimulates intestines and stomach, because tangerine skin surface adheres to,returning a likelihood is have agriculture chemical or last agent, general bath insolation is likely not these harmful material purify clean. He reminds, had better not use make tea of bright tangerine skin or bubble wine, oneself are basked in when making dried tangerine or orange peel, notice the surface grows the tangerine skin of mildew to also be not used even.


Dish of seventeen kinds of the daily life of a family is actually ” healthy killer ” _ cate the world

Dish of seventeen kinds of the daily life of a family is actually ” healthy killer “

2012-02-07 12:03:05

OneLook frightened jump, actually the course that so much takes at ordinary times is insalubrious!

1, chicken of green stay of proceedings piece (chicken + sesame seed) :

Sesame seed can be nourishing liver kidney, raise blood to promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, embellish bowel is aperient, black hair. But feed together with chicken the meeting is toxic, serious toxic person can die. Take with licorice water simmer in water medicable.

2, hemp hot kidney bean (garlic + green Chinese onion) :

Garlic green Chinese onion is the food that spurs alvine talk strongly, the easy occurrence bellyacke, diarrhoea symptom after an edible.

3, shallot skin egg mixes bean curd (shallot of bean curd + ) :

This everybody should know!  

4, banana yoghurt (banana + yoghurt) :

Yogurt can reduce cholesterol. Hollow drink yoghurt to because the acidity inside the stomach is too strong,be met, lactobacillus survives very hard in gastric juice, reduce the sanitarian effect of yoghurt. Feed together with banana right healthy profitless!

5, congee of red jujube hairtail (green of + of fish of red jujube + ) :

Red jujube sex is smooth, can nourishing taste, beneficial gas raises blood, feed together with piscine green can bring about indigestion.

6, egg of tea of the five spices (tea + egg) :

More tannic acid is contained in strong tea, tannic acid can make the protein in material becomes stodgy caky matter, influence human body is used to protein absorption.

7, soya bean stews pig hoof (soya bean of pig hoof + ) :

Soya bean is prandial the aldose in fiber is acerbity incomplete radical with the mineral synthesis in pig hoof chela closes matter and can be disturbed or reduce human body to be opposite the absorption of these elements.

8, liver of green pepper ox (the food that bovine liver + contains dimension C) :

Because the vitamin C in vegetables and fruits has very strong reproducibility, very easy be oxidized by the cupreous ion in bovine liver, and lose physiology active. And lose physiology active.. Cate ChinaCate China

9, the turnip stews sirlon (carrot + Bai Luobo) :

Carrot contains ascorbic acid enzymatic, can destroy vitamin C of Bai Luobo, make the nutrient value of two kinds of turnips is reduced greatly.

10, Gong Bailuo predicts agaric soup (agaric of Bai Luobo + ) :

Turnip sex Pingwei is cold, have disappear of clear hot detoxify, be good at stomach to feed, expectorant relieve a cough, suitable gas profit, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty, Bu Zhongan is dirty wait for effect. Need to notice turnip and agaric are fed together may get dermatitis.

11, river snail makes the pork (pork + river snail) :

Be bored with of pork acerbity Leng Han, river snail Great Cold, 2 content are congeneric cool sex, hurt intestines and stomach easily, because this is unfavorable,feed together.

12, tomato braise silvery pomfret (tomato + cruelly oppress) :

The vitamin C in tomato will be right the analyse of the cupreous element in cruelly oppress puts generation inhibition.

13, chicken of black polished glutinous rice (chicken of + of polished glutinous rice) :

The main function of polished glutinous rice is lukewarm filling taste, a few taste are so deficient empty, often the person of diarrhoea ate, can have very good therapy effect. But feed together with chicken can cause the body unwell.   

14, soup of fish of crucian carp of ormosia wax gourd (wax gourd of + of crucian carp fish) :

Wen Weigan of sex of crucian carp fish, with gastric filling empty, subsidence of a swelling goes poison, benefit water connects breast, but if be fed together with wax gourd,can make body deprivation of body fluids.

15, red Huang Sha pulls (cucumber + tomato) :

Tomato contains many vitamin C, have enhance airframe resistance, prevention and cure scorbutic, fight the action such as infection. And vitamin C is contained to decompose in cucumber enzymatic, feed together can make among them vitamin C is destroyed.  `

16, acerbity hot cucumber mixes bean jelly (cucumber + chili) :

Cucumber contains vitamin C to decompose enzymatic, the vitamin C that can make chili medium is destroyed, reduce its nutrition value.

17, a thick soup of spinach bean curd (spinach + bean curd) :

Magnesium chloride, calcium sulfate is contained in bean curd these two kinds of material, and oxalic acid is contained in spinach, two kinds of food are encountered can generate oxalic acid magnesium and oxalic acid calcium together, cannot be absorbed by human body.


You have these food to be used to _ cate the world

Do you have these food to be used to

2012-02-07 11:53:38

Have a lot of food and drink the habit is harmful to health, do you have these habits?

Soya-bean milk develops an egg: The trypsin in meeting and soya-bean milk joins the mucous sex egg white in the egg, make food loses due nutrient value thereby.

Tea cooks an egg: Outside alkaloid is being divided in tea, still contain acidity material. The iron element in these compound and egg is united in wedlock, also meet to gastric ministry the stimulative effect with corresponding ground certain generation, and also go against digest absorb.

Burn beef tomato patch: The concentration of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice that requires as a result of place of these two kinds of food is different, will naturally lengthen food the detention time in the stomach, cause gastric ministry to digest absorption time to lengthen thereby, burden of aggravating stomach bowel.

High protein food adds strong tea: Some people like to be in eat a lot of meat kind, after the high protein food such as sea product, shellfish, again and again drinkable strong tea, feel drinkable strong tea is OK by accident purify is tall adipose, clear heart wakes cerebral aid digestion. Actually, rather, the tannic acid in tea and protein photograph are united in wedlock, can generate have astringent tannic acid protein. Make the person’s digestion, excrete a passageway unwell, peristalsis of path of big, small intestine is decelerated, the detention time that excrement and urine in bowel is lengthened, this is one of ingredients that produce constipation, what also can increase toxic substance and carcinogen to be absorbed by human body is dangerous.

Milk and orange feed together: The acidity fruit such as milk and orange is fed together, just perhaps drink milk to eat an orange, with respect to meeting general milk medium protein is aeriform in as acerbity as the fruit in the orange — vitamin C photograph is united in wedlock and caky and agglomerate, such meeting influences are digested absorb, and also can cause abdominal distension, abdominal pain.

Carrot of the edible when drinking: American food expert considers to think recently: B carotene and alcohol enter human body at the same time inside period of time, be in what health of harmful human body arises in liver extremely easily to deliver virus vegetable, it is the critical factor that causes each sort hepatic disease.

Long-term edible plant is oily: Concerned expert thinks through research, the jumbly powerful carcinogen in oil of peanut oil, corn is yellow aspergillus element. The material that makes a person extremely easily chronic and toxic is contained in cottonseed oil — cotton is phenolic; And the mustard acerbity material that contains in rape oil, very adverse also to the health of patient of hypertensive, heart. So, experts suggest: Should change the habit of oil of long-term edible vegetable. When cooking food, might as well the use amount that increases animal fat. Normally the circumstance falls, deserve to be with 0.7 animals fat with oil of a vegetable optimal.

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