Protect wet menu to take the world of cate of _ of woman of embellish giving water

Protect wet menu to have woman of embellish giving water

2012-02-07 13:07:34

Modern woman must have the skin of water embellish! Want to be recuperated slightly only, you can have the skin is like water in the dream, water embellish beauty is not you to not be belonged to.

Protect wet menu to have woman of embellish giving water

Feature of water embellish woman 1 delicate facial

“Face ” the problem is very serious, involve dignity not only more influence figure. Each females hope to have a pair inherent beautiful qualitative appearance, bai Xi is lubricant, make a person photographic.

Feed filling menu: Qi jujube shuts boiling water

Take the root of remembranous milk vetch 30 grams of 15 ~ , big jujube 30 grams issue 10 grams, lily together boiler is stewed, time 30 ~ 40 minutes, expect even soup belt one case later edible. Sex of the root of remembranous milk vetch in raw material of this 3 flavour the tepid, function that has filling energy of life, big jujube is to enrich the blood the beautiful of filling gas, be good at taste is tasted, lily can method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood raises lung. 3 person be united in wedlock, to enraging blood the ill National People’s Congress of two empty has profit, can alleviate lack of power, be afraid of cold symptom, also can moist skin.


Thin waist receives an abdomen after the section the world of cate of 3 cookbook _

Thin waist receives an abdomen after the section 3 cookbook

2012-02-07 13:08:30

Great majority is gradually fat remove comer, the reason is varied, be like: Lack works, metabolization not free, belly-worship, nutrition is superfluous, form hypodermic and adipose accumulation. Fat can divide roughly for 3 kinds of types: Girth is alvine and brawny, potbellied, flabby. Be aimed at those who differ is fat, adopt different dietotherapy plan, can get satisfactory curative effect.

Thin waist receives an abdomen after the section 3 cookbook

Thick waist 3 types

The person with brawny girth: The food of a day of 3 eat ought to appropriate arrangement, eat those stodgy flesh, birds, egg less kind food, although want to eat, also answer Chinese meal eats, if dinner eats,add fertilizer easily. Dinner ought to be given priority to with vegetable, fruit, 8 minutes full stop namely. Dinner hind is not eager to sleeping, dinner and sleep between want interval 3 hours at least. Must not take food taken late at night because of greediness.

Potbellied person: As a result of at ordinary times nutrition is absorbed too much, quantity of heat has been used up little, “Imports and exports ” without the balance, cause overmuch nutrient material to pile up to make in abdominal ability it ” a new force suddenly rises ” . Should let ” big abdomen ” ” becomes ” slender ” , the key is the dietary structure with ferial change, hold on the whole ” much element of little meat or fish, eat less as far as possible ” principle. Feed of best and weekly gastric disorder. To do not make intestines and stomach suffers when gastric disorder ” grievance ” , but a few fruits taking a place.

Alvine and flabby person: Its are main the reason is to water overmuch. Overmuch water branch increases kidney and cystic burden, in order to cause alvine and flabby. For suit the remedy to the case, ought to control strictly everyday water quantity. When drinking water every time a few, avoid by all means ” carouse ” .


Healthy diet makes the world of your cate of perfect muscle _

Healthy diet makes your perfect muscle

2012-02-07 13:04:13

According to the report, many readers envy the muscle with athlete strong and handsome a suit. Besides a large number of motion, food also is to model strong and handsome sarcous a key. The nutrient division that comes from alliance of American nation football now disclosed the cookbook of football athlete.


An egg can supply 6 grams protein and the quantity of heat of 78 calorie about. The material that heightens force of human body immunity, eyesight and nerve response still is contained in the egg additionally. Proposal man eats 3 eggs at least every week.


Acuteness athletic need bone is hard will support ability travel. Many calcium is contained in milk, and calcium can help human body skeleton become solidder.

Pigeon breast flesh

The quantity of heat that pigeon breast flesh contains and adipose and opposite less, but contain rich protein.


The fish eats to be able to help human body restore physical ability as soon as possible after violent campaign, because rich Omega-3 fatty acid is contained in cruelly oppress, this kind of material can make muscle eliminates exhaustion.


A large number of water distribute human body prediction of a person’s luck in a given year after motion, besides the complement that drink water, an important channel is to eat vegetable more. Pumpkin, chili, onion is right choice.

Rice and cooked wheaten food

The cooked wheaten food of make it of whole wheat grain and rice are important food composition of the athlete, because this kind of food can give a person to offer rich carbohydrate, the body physical ability of compensatory canvasser is measured.

Athletic beverage

Athletic beverage added the part such as the electrolyte such as potassium, natrium, calcic, magnesium or other microelement, candy and vitamin. The body when the person moves meets a large number of perspiring, can lose moisture not only, and meeting loss a few electrolyte, if be in,complement only at this moment water, because permeate the account that control to be able to make the ooze outside the electrolyte in the cell, make its are lost further, drink more thirsty more then perspire more, create body core situation disorder, and beverage of timely and compensatory motion, conduce to adjust body function.

Contain sodium food

The food that contain sodium can help the male keep the moisture content inside body, prevent collapse. Accordingly, right amount and some more compensatory bloat be soiled is tasted, the food containing sodium such as biscuit of saline taste nut, saline taste is necessary. Eat of other external use when also can have boiling water of a few saline taste, for instance the soup of tomato, cucumber, onion, peppery make it.

Ice cream

Eating a bit sweetmeats also is right healthy adverse, because this eats bit of ice cream after lunch. Want to notice nevertheless, best option is low adipose the ice cream that perhaps contains yoghurt part.


The world of cate of _ of cookbook reducing weight of different complexion

The cookbook reducing weight of different complexion

2012-02-07 12:59:28

FaceOf ministry color of skin different, represent different body state, complexion is so different the method that reduce weight is different also.

The 1st kind: Color of skin sends yellow; to should drink lemonade thin body

Facial feature:

1, complexion is yellower;

2, auditive often aglow;

3, nose often aglow;

4, the skin color near labial ministry is yellower;

5, glossal department is larger.

Other feature: 1, enough sleep feels tired 2, when the job concentrate mind very hard 3, feel easily disgusting, nauseating1, enough sleep feels tired 2, when the job concentrate mind very hard 3, feel easily disgusting, nauseatingCate ChinaCate China

Cause fat cause: Hepatic and frail

Complexion slants yellow, state liver is frail namely, liver is the machine with body poisonous platoon, if eat medicaments excessive, food,not time, meeting makes hepatic bear overweight, or be jammed, your person becomes the action is slow and slow, easy and tired.

Cookbook reducing weight

Breakfast: What boil in order to do not have saline ox oil is oaten 1 bowl.

In the morning at 11 o’clock: Anthology the following among them a scented tea develops bubble: Dandelion, nettle.

Lunch: With the salad that celery, sweet Qin, red turnip, lettuce makes.

Afternoon at 4 o’clock: The Wen Shui that dip has a lemon 1 cup, citric skin or citric goods a few

Dinner: Burn or evaporate black weever half, fry vegetable a few.

The 2nd kind: Color of skin is small red should rely on to drink vegetable soup to reduce weight

Facial feature:

1, complexion is small red

2, T area often be stained with smeary

3, pore is very conspicuous and bulky

4, double buccal prolapse does not have flexibility

5, forehead has transverse young grain (this states digestion has a problem)

Other feature:

1, satiate hind Yi Youwei acid flows backwards

2, double foot often has peculiar smell

Cause fat cause: Suffer from chronic inflammation

This kind of person is oneself or family have rheumatism arthritis normally these chronic inflammation, the skin is constant because of this inflammation, especially weather moisture, after absorbing polysaccharide cent and alcohol, can cause inflammation, and the dietary habit of correct, specific aim divides what can reduce weight, yi Ke reduces the pain that the disease brings. Yi Ke reduces the pain that the disease brings.. Cate ChinaCate China

Cookbook reducing weight

Breakfast: Organic and oaten 1 cup.

In the morning at 11 o’clock: Anthology the following among them a scented tea develops bubble: Leaf of nettle, dandelion, white birch.

Lunch: Vegetable soup, vegetable but free supplement, but must include western course, because this kind of person needs a large number of calcium.

Afternoon at 4 o’clock: Anthology the following among them a scented tea develops bubble: Leaf of nettle, dandelion, white birch.

Dinner: Xi Qin of the fennel that bake matchs potato.

 The 3rd kind: Dark green of color of skin bilks strawberry thin body can make the mood depressed

Facial feature:

1, complexion is cadaverous, can nod red a bit occasionally.

2, the skin below orbit shows white.

3, the skin that sends line and forehead submits scale form.

4, the skin is particularly dry, mix under eyelid especially under bridge of the nose.

5, because of body inside wet poison, often give birth to dark sore.

Other feature: Suck the breast kind of goods will be sensitive.

Cause fat cause: Inside body wet poison

This kind of person may contract the skin disease such as eczema, because their body is put,have overmuch Potassium chloride, make the lower part on eyelid easy and aglow; The body lacks vitaminic C, the state of mind that makes them becomes very easily depressed, should absorb vitaminic A, zinc more (Zinc) , vitaminic B and vitaminic C, avoid to be like,eat the food that makes its exasperate: Jujube, strawberry, mango, banana and egg. Jujube, strawberry, mango, banana and egg.. Cate ChinaCate China

Cookbook reducing weight

Breakfast: The oaten biscuit of Chinese cassia tree or ginger flavour 1.

In the morning at 11 o’clock: Anthology the following among them a scented tea develops bubble: Nettle, dandelion.

Lunch: Potato of of oil of the ox that do not have salt 1, the salad with make it of algal, turnip, Chinese cabbage, asparagus 1 saucer;

Afternoon at 4 o’clock: Anthology the following among them a scented tea develops bubble: Nettle, dandelion.

Dinner: Bake or evaporate cod half, fry vegetable: Fennel, cabbage, red turnip 1 dish.


Devil figure is delicate the world of cate of afternoon tea _

Devil figure is delicate afternoon tea

2012-02-07 12:55:56

Devil figure is delicate afternoon tea

Goodafternoon tea: The assurance of beautiful curve

Newest nutrient findings makes clear, the person that drinks afternoon tea habit wants than someone else slender! Afternoon tea often is true confuse your eat, it and with will abreact depressed or using the snacks that satisfy a craving for delicious food merely is different. The quantity of heat of snacks can store only inside body, and afternoon tea and other and prandial same, one part is used use up for airframe. Accordingly, afternoon tea and using up a principle prandially is identical. It can help us retain vigor till dusk, make dinner OK consequently more delicate. The condition is afternoon tea must resemble prandial tie-in in that way, xian Tian can choose according to his taste.

The principle of afternoon tea still is a choice 2 have the complementary action, food that can make sure nutrition is balanced to 3 kinds. For instance food of a kind of cereal matchs a milk products or fruit of a season, still have drink of course, had better be water, other beverage also goes.

Afternoon tea: Reduce weight affined

You are done every week normally 1 perhaps came at 7 o’clock in evening to 2 gymnastics half swam at 8 o’clock will carry a figure, this is first-rate! But cause fatigue feeling to prevent hypoglycemia, especially lunch eats too early, best method is came at 16 o’clock afternoon tea takes between 17 o’clock. Actually, the muscle in athletic process can waste a lot of energy.

Carbohydrate and adipose it is two kinds of the mainest power source. Carbohydrate stores with the form of glycogen in muscle and liver, adipose store in adipose organization. If say short-term and violent campaign is to pass glycogen to release energy, move so for long (45 minutes of above) the energy that releases memory by adipose cell. Need those who point out is glycogen to store after the quantity begins from motion 1 hour begins to decrease, 3 hours reach the limit later, no matter undertake, is what motion. For this, eat complement candy adding to divide before motion is very be necessary: First choice for instance ” conserve ” club of nutrition of biscuit of sweet candy of biscuit, flavor, cereal, dried fruit and fruit juice a kind food, still have water of course, want ceaseless and compensatory moisture content in athletic around and athletic process.

Afternoon tea: Relaxation hour

Eat, it is physiology demand not only, also be a first-rate relaxation means and a day of medium relaxed hour. Before important meeting perhaps dates, sit to sample the effect that afternoon tea has kill two birds with one stone. This is spent alone or with the colleague the happy hour that share conduces to you choosing to contain a lot ofhuman body place to want the provision of woof, build compose food balance. Meat is added in the office Tongqu is abundant, the condition is to should have been arranged. You need:

1, except cereal, add to facilitate even carry, digest easily, convenient the fruit that store. You can be in midday when the dining room has a meal, put fruit sheet by to stay, also can put a fruit to be in the bag when going out in the morning. Of course, optional sort is finite (differ according to season, have apple, pear, orange only or banana) . But you can alternate breed, for instance the apple has a lot of kinds. Finally, those have the person of a freezer fortunately, still can add a kind of milk products.

2, of course, did not forget beverage. It is again good to if always be on your desk,have a bottle of water did not pass! Can buy a cup of a cup of tea, chocolate otherwise only or a cup of coffee.


Winter eats hotpot nourishing, eat was opposite not the world of cate of _ of suffer from excessive internal heat

Winter eats hotpot nourishing, eat was opposite not suffer from excessive internal heat

2017-11-07 17:41:16

Winter weather is cold, fat and higher immune power come to fat of more of human body need counteractive chill, so winter needs to fill filling body. Hotpot is winter is chosen into the beautiful that fill absolutely, justIf take hotpot suffer from excessive internal heat how should do?

Winter takes the 10 big advantage of hotpot

1, be good at lienal: Lienal empty person, food is bad, and hotpot but be good at lienal, after eating, can recuperate, food can improve.

2, warm stomach: Hotpot sex is lukewarm, take the effect that can have warm stomach more in the winter, the movement that allows a stomach is more reasonable.

3, filling kidney: According to ” detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine ” account, hotpot has the energy of life in filling, the action that beneficial kidney enrages.

4, filling gas: Gas is illogical not free person, eat hotpot to be able to fill more gas, fitness.

5, enrich the blood: In the winter when it is OK to eat more stimulative blood circulates, quicken metabolism.

6, warm body: Eat hotpot to be able to resist more in the winter cold, make us whole body thaw rises, the cordial that compares other comes actually.

7, regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it: Enrage the person that do not arrange, be like the person that often coughs, because gas is killed to weigh inside body, eat more so can make gas smooth, pleasurable.

8, not easy get fat: Hotpot contains very tall protein and rich vitamin. But its adipose melting point is 47 degrees, and the person’s temperature is 37 degrees, ate to absorb nutrition only is not adipose, not allow so easy get fat.

9, enhance immune power: The nutrient value ratio of hotpot is higher, compare with pork photograph, no matter from adipose still be cholesterol respect, it is less, but protein is more however, and contain rich vitamin B1, vitamin B2, the content of vitamin B6 and iron, zinc, Selenium is very rich, eat some of hotpot more, conduce to body immunity force.

10, prevent cancer to fight cancer: Consider to make clear, the existence in hotpot fights cancerous material CLA one kind, what the fat acid of this kind of CLA that be called can restrain cancer cell is unripe know. To treating skin cancer, colonic cancer and breast cancer have apparent effect.

Hotpot eats much suffer from excessive internal heat how to do

1, food is delicate, eat the vegetable of clear fire more

Since had realized suffer from excessive internal heat, that should diet is acrimony food and hot sex food, turn and eat the vegetable of clear fire more. Common winter should season is vegetable: Lotus root of wax gourd, cucumber, cole, Bai Luobo, lotus is clear fire vegetable, can eat more at ordinary times.

2, the much water that drink a dot, drink fall igneous tea

Human body is met suffer from excessive internal heat, because dry pyrotoxin is accumulated,be namely inside body, if drink water more at that time, outside can helping a toxin eduction system, relieve symptom of suffer from excessive internal heat. If can change plain boiled water into chrysanthemum scented tea such falling igneous drink, that effect will be better. Need to notice nevertheless, chrysanthemum tea is cold sex drink, female must right amount drink.

3, much heat eating Qing Dynasty falls igneous fruit

Winter skin is very easy because of lack water and become dry, plus suffer from excessive internal heat, cheek, nose, lip all around can become bright red, burning, should have content of a few moisture more at that time sufficient, can clear heat falls igneous fruit, for instance: Muskmelon, banana, watermelon, water chest nut, pear.

Eat hotpot so just won’t suffer from excessive internal heat

1, food of collocation cool sex, smooth sex eats together

The ten million when eating hotpot cannot be mixed hot sex food eats together, should match cool sex and the vegetable of Gan Ping sex, can have the effect of fire of cool and refreshing, alexipharmic, dispel. For instance hotpot is matching bean curd and Bai Luobo to eat best. Cool sex vegetable still has heart of lotus root of stay of proceedings of wax gourd, towel gourd, cole, spinach, Chinese cabbage, acupuncture needle, dawdle, lotus, wild rice stem, bamboo shoot, dish to wait commonly; And the vegetable that yam, potato, Xianggu mushroom is Gan Ping sex.

2, put hot and dry dressing less

Ginger goes having go the action of fishy smell, when doing hotpot, be to want ginger of free captive animals necessarily, this cannot avoid. But to chili, Chinese prickly ash such lukewarm laborious is hot and dry dressing, can need not criterion as far as possible need not. Had better be soup of hotpot of boiled in clear soup, do not put chili, also do not choose to have chaffy dish, chaffy dish hotpot is the easiest suffer from excessive internal heat.

3, control eats an amount

Should from go up at all solve eat hotpot not the problem of suffer from excessive internal heat, still get control to eat an amount. The edible of every eat hotpot measures control to be controlled in 50 grams, natural won’t of suffer from excessive internal heat, if be of the hotpot that bake,that became the word additionally to be not talked, know perfectly well suffer from excessive internal heat to be being baked even eat, this is not add fuel to the flames.


Fruit of 8 filling water, water content is highest _ cate the world

Fruit of 8 filling water, water content is highest

2017-06-09 15:33:37

Well-known, summertime need is great filling water, filling water besides should drink water more beyond, eating the fruit with high water content also is the good method of filling water, so what fruit does the summer eat most filling water? The fruit of respecting summer filling water, the first reaction of friends is watermelon for certain, but besides watermelon, still 7 fruity water content also achieved 90% above, we came to unship below.

8 fruits water content is as high as 90%

Papaya, moisture content 92.2%

Melting and juicily Chinese flowering quince also is the very good filling water food in summer, although do not have the breast enhancement effect in fokelore, but the nutrient value of papaya also nots allow small gaze. Besides C of carotene, vitamin and Selenium, papaya still contains a lot ofpapaya albumen to decompose enzymatic, have promote digest, the action that protects liver. Papaya candy divides content to want prep above watermelon, the amount that takes everyday also is overcome with 200 grams ~350 (4 two ~7 two) advisable.

Red bayberry, moisture content 92%

Red bayberry juice is rich, acid is sweet goluptious, contain acid of element of rich vitamin C, vitamin B2, carotene, cyanine, citric acid, apple to wait, the gender is lukewarm, flavour pleasant is acerbity, have promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid satisfy one’s thirst, feed with gastric disappear, stop spit stop the function of have diarrhoea, suit dyspeptic person edible very much. Dan Yangmei mouthfeel is more acerbity, hydrochloric acid in gastric juice crosses patient of much, chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer to should eat less, lest cause gastric ministry unwell.

Cucumber, moisture content 95.8%

The cucumber with ringing, pure and fresh flavour is in mouthfeel summer appears on the market in great quantities, its water content tall, quantity of heat is low, conduce is compensatory and humoral. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, cucumber is OK water of clear hot advantage, alexipharmic detumescence, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty, suit disappear heat very much. The nurture such as E of the vitamin C that cucumber still contains certain amount, vitamin is qualitative, have auxiliary fall blood sugar, fall the action of hematic fat. The female of around of taste Xu Han, menses answers as far as possible little eat cucumber raw.

Lettuce, moisture content 95.7%

Lettuce water content and cucumber are about the same, its contain lettuce element, have Qing Dynasty hot, antiphlogistic, hypnotic wait for action. Lettuce sex is cool, have the effect such as antiphlogistic, diuresis, still can stimulate digest, stomachic. Eat besides straight deliver a child, cold and dressed with sause, regard sandwich as lettuce or of barbecue match dish to eat, also be very healthy filling water method.

Tomato, moisture content 94.4%

Tomato is one kind spans the food of vegetable and fruit bounds, when eating raw, be ” Bu Shuijia is tasted ” . The red element of the most wonderful tomato of composition nothing is more… than in tomato, it is celebrated with fighting oxidation effect and precautionary cancer function formidably. Besides, the good origin of C of tomato or carotene, prandial fiber, vitamin and Potassium. Those who need a specification is, want the effect preventing cancer of red element of tomato of the biggest play that turn the land, tomato is ripe still it is better to take the effect.

Watermelon, moisture content 93.3%

Watermelon mouthfeel Gan Tian, moisture is enough, it is the king of the melon and fruit in sorching summer, conduce Qing Dynasty heats up diuresis of disappear heat, satisfy one’s thirst. Besides tomato red element and carotene, watermelon still contains a kind of natural material that the name is melon ammonia acid, it is arterial to rising function and the auxiliary function with reduce blood pressure to have particular. What need reminds is, content of watermelon candy cent is opposite taller, excessive edible may bring fat risk, overcome with 200 grams ~350 everyday (4 two ~7 two) advisable.

Water turnip, moisture content 92.9%

Differ with Bai Luobo, water turnip is in summer is more see, among them vitamin C content is higher, it is 2 times of weight white turnip more coequal. Additionally it still contains rich prandial fiber, can promote gastric bowel peristalsis, conduce to the eduction of the trash inside body, have diuresis, disappear to feed wait for effect, and be helpful for solution wine. Water turnip is colourful, contain in Gan Tian slightly acrimony, suit to eat raw very much.

Muskmelon, moisture content 92.9%

The muskmelon that tastes honey, faint scent raids a person also is the summer ” in melon one bully ” . According to determining, compare with watermelon photograph, muskmelon moisture and protein content are less, but balmy material, a variety of mineral the content that waits for nutriment with vitamin C criterion prep above watermelon. Summer eats muskmelon can disappear hotly, solve irritated thirsty, still to human body liver and bowel the system is advantageous. The candy of muskmelon divides content to follow watermelon close, also cannot excessive edible.


Dish of dinner cold and dressed with sause does not leave healthy safety the world of cate of each eat _

Dish of dinner cold and dressed with sause does not leave healthy safety each eat

2017-04-20 15:04:21

When air temperature is high, cold dish makes the first selection of dinner of a lot of people, because cold dish is appetizing tastily, but if be done more, can you leave next feed to eat?

Of the previous night is put in the fried dish in freezer, should heating again adequately only is eatable fully, have food of cold and dressed with sause of of the previous night only, throw away should ruthlessly entirely.

Because do not have the course of cold and dressed with sause that takes,this basically is, even if be put into freezer, also hard to avoid can get bacterial harrass. And when taking edible again, also won’t heat commonly, so such cold dish eats go down to cause intestines and stomach easily unwell.

The fried dish is different, after be being taken out from freezer commonly, after can heating again, eat, can exterminate the partial bacterium that causes in ort on certain level so, opposite safer.

Besides cold dish, greenery kind vegetable also does not let off night. Because of the leaf kind vegetable contains more nitric acid salt kind, after thoroughlying cook if place time is too long, below bacterial catabolism, nitric acid salt is met reductive into nitrite, have the effect that cause cancer, heat also cannot purify.

Compare at greenery vegetable, melon kind, rhizome kind with the flower kind content of nitric acid salt is relatively inferior, melon kind be lowest. So, if bought the vegetable of different sort at the same time, should have cauline part of a historical period first kind, for instance Chinese cabbage, spinach. If prepare to do a few dish to heating up eating word the following day more, should choose melon as far as possible kind vegetable.

The expert thinks, the safest method, still do not leave ort leftover, but the Chinese economizes, a lot of families are accomplished hard, so, accomplish dish of cold and dressed with sause not to stay at least, cauline leaf kind vegetable also does not want pass the night as far as possible.


How to clean the agriculture chemical on vegetables and fruits correctly? _ cate the world

How to clean the agriculture chemical on vegetables and fruits correctly?

2017-01-06 17:05:00

1. flay: Banana skin, orange skin wants to wash

Pesticide remains mostly at surface of vegetables and fruits, eliminate is cortical the chance that already reduced pesticide of bring into contact with greatly. Before eliminate is cortical, vegetables and fruits should have been cleaned. Tell pesticide remains, lin Jie reminds still having a kind is antiseptic, taiwan climate is burning hot and damp, the farmer can use antiseptic to prevent vegetables and fruits mildewy and addle, lengthen vegetables and fruits to last period, expend with respect to what can reduce cost. Now is orange teem with period, can discover orange saves very long and not long mildew, when if pare,leaving, discover pulp already rotted, but cortical not mildewy still, be about to suspect spray likely overmuch antiseptic. Suggest so even if the fruit that flay eats, wait like orange, banana, litchi, bizarre fruit, still should have cleaned again edible, both hands just won’t be infected with the drug of cortical remain, take pesticide next gut.

2. room temperature: Brandish extends ventilated be in 2 ~ 3 days

Crop by employ pesticide hind, its incomplete allowance can follow time to reduce, jump over when environmental temperature tall, rudimental pesticide can volatilize more quickly, the ultraviolet ray in sunshine also can destroy pesticide, and the pesticide of surface of vegetables and fruits is because of exposed to the open air in air, also can be united in wedlock with the oxygen in air, produce oxidation reaction, those who quicken pesticide decompose, if average temperature is higher, should put at room temperature to play ventilated part only 2 ~ 3 days can. Resemble wrapping Xie Cai commonly kind want the greenery outside not to unplug only, several days can be deposited below normal temperature, let pesticide naturally metabolize.

3. bath: The effect is washed after dip first best

Answer before edible of vegetables and fruits with ” immerse, flow, scrub, excision ” 4 principles are cleaned well, immerse first namely, rinse with urine of going from place to place again, reopen flood uses down scrub, go excising head of the base of a fruit and root ministry finally.

When cleaning, do not want first flay of vegetables and fruits, immerse next in the salver Xuan that is full of water, open faucet then, open little water to show all the time line, not desultory too small, immersing to make water ceaseless flow, with flow clear water immerses 15 ~ 20 minutes, pesticide is water-solubility mostly, can make the pesticide of surface of vegetables and fruits is taken away by Shui Rong solution ceaselessly.

4. high temperature heats: The food boiling water of boiling hot hind is not drunk

High temperature besides having antiseptic effect, most pesticide can be volatilized, decompose, so Lin Jie encourages the edible after vegetable boiling hot, not only but purify pesticide, still but the harmful material such as salt of purify nitric acid, oxalate. Especially green pepper this kind of crop that uses dozen of systematization agriculture chemical easily, completely abluent hind had better cut into shreds 1 minute of Zuo control boiling hot, the pesticide below skin can dissolve come out, but the food boiling water after remembering boiling hot contains agriculture chemical, not again edible, and boiler had better be opened to build when heating, let pesticide volatilize as steam. He also reminds, if do not understand origin of vegetables and fruits, feed the program such as pre-treatment, do not encourage edible lettuce salad.

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